Here’s What It Means If You’re Suddenly Dreaming About Being Pregnant

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you've ever woken up panting because you just had a freakishly realistic dream that you were pregnant, you're not alone. While there are a lot of differing opinions on what it means if you dream about having a baby, one thing is clear: a lot of people have this dream. Nearly 70 percent of women dream that they're pregnant at some point, and a lot of women dream about pregnancy regularly. In line with losing teeth, falling, dying, going to work naked, and catching your partner cheating, being pregnant is in the top five most common things to dream about.

Of course, the first thing you want to do when you have this dream is find out if you are actually pregnant, whether that's possible or not, as these kinds of dreams tend to feel more like premonitions than random manifestations of symbolism. What's more, when someone else has a dream that you're pregnant, you feel as though it ~must~ be so. Many-a times I've taken a detour to CVS on the way to work to pee on a stick even when I know that it's not physically possible to be pregnant, just because my pregnancy dream was ~so real~. So why do we have these dreams, what to they mean, and why do they seem so important? Here's the breakdown on the reality dream babies:

Pregnancy Can Represent Creativity

Many dream experts agree that the mind sees pregnancy as a symbol for creation, and so a dream about being pregnant is not necessarily a dream about having a physical and literal baby. Instead, it could be a symbol for your subconscious' need to create something new, or a reflection of an anxiety regarding the well-being of something that you've already created.

Pregnancy Can Unearth Unfinished Business

Instead of hosting an unborn child, pregnancy can represent an unborn idea or goal. If you're having dreams that you're pregnant, there might be something dear to you that you've neglected or failed to cater to. Think about what you might not be nurturing and enough, or what needs to be taken care of in your personal life, and perhaps that will resolve your recurring pregnancy dreams.

Pregnancy Can Represent Growth

Think about what you're currently going through, both professionally and personally. Have you recently made big strides that you've failed to acknowledge? Sometimes pregnancy dreams can represent growth that you've made, and have nothing to do with babies at all.

Your Clock Might Be Ticking

If people around you are getting pregnant or growing their families, you might be thinking about pregnancy more than you realize on a conscious level. Ask your self how you feel about the dreams you're having. Maybe you're more interested in getting pregnant than you think you are, or, depending on your response to your own question, maybe you're not ready at all.

You Might Actually Be Pregnant

Thanks to increased hormones in early pregnancy, often women who are pregnant have dreams that they are, before they confirm medically. That said, remember that 70 percent of women report having pregnancy dreams, and surely not all of those women were actually pregnant. So if you think you might be, take a home pregnancy test or see your doctor to be sure.

Your Friend Isn't Pregnant, You Just Have Something To Say To Her

Though of course anything is possible, and stranger coincidences have occurred, dream specialists agree that dreams about friends being pregnant have less to do with an actual pregnancy and more to do with things being left unsaid. Think about the person in your dream: is there anything that you'd like to talk to them about, anything that feels unresolved between the two of you? Chances are, their pregnancy represents something that's yet to be born between the two of you, be it an important conversation, a fun idea, or a realization that's never made it to the surface.