Here’s What It Means If You’re Born During The Chinese Zodiac’s Year Of The Dog

The week of February 11 is certainly a big one: there's the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, Mardi Gras celebrations on Feb. 13, Valentine's Day on Feb. 14, and then, on Friday, Feb. 16, the Chinese New Year. Whew! Let's focus on the Chinese New Year, a huge celebration that is rapidly approaching. This year, 2018, signifies the year of the dog, which can definitely be something you want to pay attention to if that animal represents you. If you're wondering what it means if you were born during the year of the dog, you're not alone — your Chinese zodiac animal can tell you a lot about yourself!

First, though, you should probably figure out if that's your year. The Chinese zodiac runs in a 12-year cycle, so if you were born in 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, or 2018, you're known as "Dogs." Asian astrology says that this animal determines a lot of of your personality traits, much like the astrological signs you typically associate yourself with.

The Chinese New Year begins on Feb. 16, and it lasts for about two weeks. It's based on the lunar calendar, which explains why the date changes each year. The celebration is a big one that involves firecrackers, traditional lion dances, and bell ringing. Typically, Chinese families will celebrate with a reunion dinner on New Year's Eve, then clean their houses to get rid of bad fortune on New Year's Day. As a tradition, children are given red envelopes filled with lucky money.

And what does that have to do with a dog? Twelve different animals represent the Asian zodiac, and each year gets one - this year, like we said, it's all about the dog. This year, specifically, is the year of the Earth Dog, which hasn't been celebrated since 1958. Here's what it means if you were born in the year of the dog:

Your Lucky Numbers And Symbols Are...

If you're considered a "dog," you've got a list of lucky stuff to remember. Your lucky numbers are 3, 4, 9, and numbers containing them (such as 94 or 39). Your lucky days are the 7th and 28th of every Chinese lunar month. Your lucky colors are red, green, and purple. Your lucky flowers are rose, cymbidium, and orchids. Your lucky directions are east, south, and northeast.

Your Personality Is Loyal And Honest

According to China Highlights, "dogs are loyal and honest, amiable and kind, cautious and prudent." Like a pet dog, you're known for your loyalty and you'll do anything for the people you love, and overall, you have a good nature. You like to help other people, and they love to be around you. You're also known for your intuition, which allows you to be really capable at work and in general. You're fearless, straight-forward, and you get a good sense of others.

The not so great stuff? You're not great at communicating and have trouble speaking up about what you think. You can come across as being quite stubborn sometimes. And while you're generally seen as being as happy-go-lucky as a pet dog, you have a negative side. You can get very sensitive and emotional when it comes to constructive criticism. If the wrong thing happens, you can get really pessimistic and deep, making you feel depressed and unhappy.

Your Health Is Probably Good

As a Dog, you're happy more often than you aren't — and that contributes to your chances of being really healthy. Chances are good that you're also athletic, which is a boost to your immune system. You don't care about money and power as much as some people, so you don't get as stressed as you could.

You're Best Suited For A Job Where You Can Help Others

One of the best things about your personality is that you love to help others — which makes you perfect for a job where you do just that. You can be a great employee who always helps out not just customers, but coworkers as well. You're well-suited to be a police officer, nurse, or teacher. So... career change, anyone?

You Work Better With Rabbits

The Dog is the 11th animal in the Chinese lunar cycle. If you're looking for your best match, you'll find it in Rabbits. You guys have similar personality traits and hobbies, and you're able to understand each other on a really important level. You won't be great with a Dragon, Sheep, or Rooster. You all have trouble communicating and trusting each other, which doesn't equal a great relationship.

You May Face Some Challenges This Year

According to Travel China Guide, this year could be a year full of challenges and big changes for Dogs. In fact, 2018 is said to be an unlucky year for people born under the sign of the dog — Chinese astrology says that the years that share your birth sign are actually bad luck rather than good luck. Your finances may falter a bit, and you might need to learn how to adjust to a different lifestyle. You also might find yourself unusually stressed out about work. On top of that, you could feel lonely and kind of sad. The good news? It's a good time to make some changes, even if they feel difficult and scary.

If You're An Earth Dog, Your Traits Are Slightly Different

Earth Dogs are those born in 1958 or 2018. If that's you, it means you're more communicative, serious, responsible at work, persistent, ambitious, and attentive.