This Week’s Chinese New Year Will Mark The Year Of The Dog & Here’s How All Zodiac Signs Will Feel Its Effects

Wang He/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Pigs, roosters, snakes, and monkeys aren't just barnyard besties. These animals are also some of the representatives that make up the zodiac in Chinese astrology. 2018 is the year of the dog, and it you're not in the know, these year of the dog predictions according to astrology, are worth learning about. The year of the dog begins on the Chinese New Year, Feb. 16, 2018, and the canine reigns until Feb. 4, 2019. While the cosmic zodiac determines your sign based on the month you were born, your Chinese zodiac sign is determined by your birth year.

So, if you were born 1982, 1994, or 2006, your sign is a dog, according to the website China Highlights. Just like the cosmic zodiac, the Chinese zodiac also has 12 signs, with the dog being the 11th, and each sign occurs every 12 years. Additionally, similar to how your birth chart can affect how planets influence your sign, the year you were born in Chinese astrology determines your element.

"In Chinese astrology, each zodiac year (rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig) is not just associated with an animal sign, but also one of five elements — gold (metal), wood, water, fire, and earth," Wong Kam Seng wrote for the Khmer Times. And, 2018 is the year of the earth dog. If you're wondering what the year of the dog means for you, it's a mixed bag for everyone, even if you're not a dog.

1. Earth Dogs Have To Work Hard AF For Their Success

Earth dogs are people born in 1958 and 2018 (so maybe your parents, child, or little bro or sis), according to China Highlights. And, while it might be a literal dog fight, earth dogs can still come out on top in 2018. "People of the earth element and a dog year are able to distinguish good from bad, and never do things by halves due to their dedicated attitude toward life, always sticking things out." So, basically, persistence pays off, but not without a lot of hard work. "They are always serious and responsible in work, resulting in a high chance of success."

2. Wood Dogs Always Win

People born in 1934 and 1994 are wood dogs, and this loyal and patient dog always finds a way to succeed. "Wood dogs always think of repaying those who have given them help and support, and are also very devoted to their careers," China Highlights noted. "No matter what difficulties they encounter in life, they will try their best to overcome them one by one. They are suited to jobs that require great patience and can fully commit to these."

3. Water Dogs Know How To Swim Upstream

If you were born in 1982 (since it's unlikely you were born in 1922), you are a water dog. While the website Feng Shui Store noted that 2018 will leave water dogs more vulnerable to others, China Highlights explained that the water dog is a good swimmer. Well-versed in finances, the water dog is both lucky and knowledgable, which can bring an abundance of wealth.

4. Fire Dogs Dream Ideas Into Reality

My fire-dog friends, those born in 1946 and 2006, you are the dreamers. What's more, fire dogs are often able to turn their fire-fueled dreams into reality. "Your emotions seem to stabilize during the year of the earth dog, or at least you’ll be more stable than the last years," Chinese Horoscope 2018 reported. "This will make your relationship more passionate. [...] Your message should come from your soul." Because, that's how dreams are made.

5. Metal Dogs Should Plan For A Rainy Day

For metal dogs, people born in 1910 and 1970, Chinese Horoscope 2018 predicts some unexpected expenses this year, so make sure you have some pennies saved. If you're rolling in it, 2018 is an ideal time to pay off your debt and start 2019 with a clean slate.

6. Non-Dogs Will Manifest Abundance

For everyone who was not born in the year of the dog, much like the predictions for the cosmic zodiac, 2018 is going to be a good year for everyone, but that doesn't mean you can coast along without putting in any work. "While the year of the earth dog will be a good year financially for many, all zodiac signs ... might want to pay special attention to their health," Kam Seng noted.

Basically, how 2018 turns out for you depends on how much work you're willing to put into making your dreams come true, and to ditching dead weight. Lazy dogs might stay afloat, but they're unlikely to get the box of treats awarded to more hard-working dogs. If you're loyal, and put in the time, you could realistically end 2018 as a top dog, like a boss.