A Solar Eclipse Is Coming & It Will Make Mercury Retrograde Feel Even More Stressful

George Frey/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Mercury retrograde already feels like being trapped in a three-week long episode of Three's Company; misunderstandings are a given. Unfortunately, the Aug. 11 partial solar eclipse during Mercury retrograde is here to make things even more confusing, and it's going to bring a lot of drama for all zodiac signs. "The major themes of this eclipse will be thinking, contemplation, deliberation, discussion, and debate," Astrologer Jamie Partridge wrote on Astrology King.

"The August 2018 solar eclipse with challenging aspects to Jupiter and Pluto suggests disagreements and arguments about ideas and beliefs about power and control issues." What's more, with Mars, Neptune, Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn also retrograde, some sort of communication kerfuffle during the August 2018 new moon and partial solar eclipse is likely to ensue. Instead of getting caught up in disagreements, Partridge recommends using the power of the new moon and solar eclipse to make a fresh start.

"Write your new goals down on a sheet of paper. The best time for making a new start is from the solar eclipse to the Aug. 26 full moon. A new moon influence lasts for four weeks, but a solar eclipse usually lasts about six months." This is an ideal time to meditate on what you really want, and start manifesting it so you can live the life you desire versus the one you think you think you should be living.

If you've been saying yes when you should be saying no, the August 2018 partial solar eclipse and new moon will give you the courage to put yourself first. "This new moon brings bold and individualistic, though dominating, feelings to the forefront," Pandora Astrology noted on its website. Expect people, including yourself, to be less willing to take orders from others as the two luminaries occupy the regal and commanding sign of Leo."

The power of the partial solar eclipse may also reveal some truths that will make it easier for you to identify people, habits, and work-related stress you need to shed in order to move forward like a boss. "Amplifying the plethora of information coming to the surface, this is a time of revelation. Dark secrets are slowly but surely coming into the light of day. Aug. 8, a few days before the solar eclipse, the sun joins Mercury. This is always an important part of any Mercury retrograde phase," Astrologer Belinda C. Dunn explained on her website Crystal Visions. "This is when the solar will of source is made known to the conscious, everyday mind of humanity."

While change can feel akin to jumping off a cliff, getting rid of things that no longer serve you will make room for more positive people and opportunities to come into your life. And, not doing what you want because you're afraid will only keep you stuck. On the other hand, if you're in a position to take some chances and trust the universe, you might be surprised at the karmic rewards that come your way. While an eclipse is an ideal time to put these changes into motion, you can do it any time. For example, My Favorite Murder host Karen Kilgariff told AV Club how saying no to things that compromised her values actually brought her things she wanted to say yes to.

"I turned down a job when I was broke to the point that I was about to go into foreclosure on my house, but I didn’t want to work on the job because of the content of the show. It was a thing where I didn’t tell anybody or ask anybody’s advice, I just did it, knowing that I had already made decisions in the past where I compromised myself and turned my creativity to something I didn’t believe in," Kilgariff explained. "And the repercussions of that affected me so negatively that I knew no amount of money could fix it if I did it again. And because of that mental switch, after figuring that out for myself, I had a really nice upswing in getting jobs that I did want."

While the August 2018 solar eclipse is an ideal time to decide what you want to strive for, it doesn't mean you'll magically wake up the next day with a new life. Because, change is hard. But, the universe will support you if you put in the work. Remember, on Astrology King, Partridge said that the influence from a solar eclipse lasts six months, so it could take some time to see the fruits of your labor. And, chances are that the path to being your best self will feel dark and twisty at times, especially during the new moon and partial solar eclipse on Aug. 11 and for a few weeks afterward. But, don't let this derail you. There is definitely a light at the end of the cosmic tunnel.

"The Aug. 11 solar eclipse joins a star of command and domination that increases your power to get on in life. Asteroid Pallas gives courage and fighting spirit, but also the creative intelligence and wisdom to deliberate to find the truth before passing judgement and taking action," Partridge noted. If you can remember to pause before you speak, and turn your energy inward, you're less likely to get into a battle of wills with others. Harness the power of this cosmic event to redirect your energy on yourself. I'm not going to lie. It's going to be frustrating. There might be tears. But, nothing worth having comes easy, which makes it all the more satisfying when you finally get it.