Prepare For A Lot Of Jay Cutler Farming Misadventures On 'Very Cavallari' Season 2

Al Bello/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

He used to be known for his established career as an NFL player, namely for the Chicago Bears. He played his last season with the Miami Dolphins in 2017 before retiring and quickly becoming one of reality TV's most beloved husbands on Very Cavallari. During Season 1, people fell in love with his quiet sarcasm and doting care for his wife, Kristin Cavallari. Season 2 premieres on March 3, and it's offering some big changes — 2019 Jay Cutler isn't just a retired quarterback anymore. Now, on top of his duties as a husband and father, he's the family farmer.

Transitioning out of the professional football lifestyle was difficult for both Jay and Kristin. The first season of Very Cavallari saw him aloof, sitting around the house watching livestreams of deer hunting and occasionally checking on the Uncommon James staff when Kristin was unavailable. He needed something new to call his own. The end of Season 1 followed the married couple's search for a potential new home in Nashville, which was helped (bribed) along by Jay with some baby goats that Kristin promptly fell in love with.

The goats must've worked, because now, in Season 2, fans will get a deeper look into the home they chose. Kristin and Jay are officially farm owners — they have chickens (read: 30 chickens), goats, land — the whole bit. A llama even visited the farm, per the new season's teaser. And Kristin said Jay does a fantastic job at taking care of it all.

"He's our farm man," Kristin told Access Live on Feb. 25. "So he's taking care of the chickens and the goats." The two of them are still adjusting to the role switch that occurred when Jay retired and Kristin started her lifestyle brand.

"It's been kind of an interesting dynamic," she said. "We completely switched roles. He of course was playing football and I was sort of living his life, and then as soon as he retired, my career really picked up with Uncommon James, my lifestyle brand, and the show ... so it's been interesting to navigate and kind of figure out this new life that we're living."

The trailer for Season 2 shows the two of them in a bit of "a funk," as Kristin called it. "I had to give up my whole life," she says in the trailer. "I don't feel that from you." That obviously doesn't paint a pretty picture of the couple, but Kristin reassured Access that it was just part of their adjustment to a "new normal."

When he's not corralling the coop or tending to the land, you can find Jay on his unofficial Instagram page run by "someone really damn close" to him — AKA Kristin. The page is honestly hilarious and documents him living his best life, which includes getting his first facial, playing board games, and of course, doing it "for the 'gram."

To see more of Farmer Jay in action, tune into Season 2 of Very Cavallari on E!, Sundays at 10 p.m. ET.