What Does Justin Bieber’s Lion Tattoo Mean? This Animal Is A Powerful Symbol

Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This singer is no stranger to body art. He’s got an extensive range of tattoos already, and the collection’s only getting bigger. Most of his artwork seems to come with a special meaning, so now that he’s just added brand new lion ink to his chest, it’s time to investigate the reason behind this addition. What does Justin Bieber’s Lion tattoo mean? The animal is a very symbolic figure.

Not only is this a pretty large piece of art, it’s also placed on Bieber’s chest. E! News reports this as Bieber’s 60th tattoo, so there are a lot of reasons why this ink is a pretty big deal (espeically for fans!). Based on a photo Bieber posted to Instagram, his latest tat features a lion wearing a crown. The parlor responsible for the lion, Bang Bang NYC, posted a photo of Bieber’s latest tattoo with the caption, “Lion heart.” According to the online Merriam-Webster Dictionary “lionhearted” means courageous and brave, so it’s very likely that a display of courage is just the kind of thing Bieber was going for.

Bieber also has tattoos of a bald eagle and a grizzly bear, according to E! News. Both of these animals can be said to represent courage and strength, so the addition of a brave and powerful animal really isn’t out of character for the Biebs.

This selfie reveals the newly added lion, placed alongside the grizzly bear.

The Bang Bang NYC parlor also showed off the ink on Instagram.


Bieber, The Brave.

Of course, fans have plenty to say about Bieber's latest body modification.

Most folks are loving the artwork, especially the Leos out there.

As you can see, Biber had a crown on his chest before the lion was added, so maybe this is something he had planned all along.

I mean, he is a big fan of The Lion King, after all.

Whatever the reason for the new tat, you've got to admit that sporting a lion on your chest is pretty cool. This is a good move in my book, and I can't wait to see what he'll add to his growing collection next.