Kim K's Valentine's Day Perfume Line Is As Sweet As Candy & These Are The Official Scents

The beauty world has been abuzz over Kim Kardashian's new Valentine's Day-themed perfume collection, where fans are eager to get their hands on the plastic, candy heart scents. The Kimoji Heart Fragrances are a collaboration between KKW Fragrance and the mogul's emoji app and merchandise line, Kimoji. Because of that, it's a fun blend of femininity and playfulness. For those who are unfamiliar, Kimoji focuses on pop culture's raunchy obsession with Kimmy K, featuring things like "butt post-it notes" and "send nudes" heart candies. So the Heart Fragrances aren't meant to be all about glamour like the original Crystal Gardenia perfumes, but rather have been made in a more lighthearted direction.

While Kardashian has been rolling out photo and video sneak peaks of the collection across her social media platforms, one common question has been popping up in comment sections: What do the scents smell like?

After a few days of patiently waiting, we finally have an answer. Releasing the scent breakdown of each bottle on Instagram, fans can now pick which of the perfumes fit their preferences best. Each scent follows a similar formula, where its top notes consist of fruit scents mixed in with floral smells, and then its bottom notes are some sort of candy scents, like marshmallows, caramels, or vanilla.

Seeing how Valentine's Day is a huge day for sweets and chocolate — and the promo pictures feature Kardashian eating cake and surrounded by candy — that makes perfect sense.

First up is "Bae," the light blue Heart Fragrance. A fruity and floral scent, Bae's main notes are mandarin and kiwi, laced with floral accents of jasmine Sambac and gardenia blossom. Those floral notes are reminiscent of the Crystal Gardenia line, weaving in Kardashian's favorite floral scent. It then has an undertone of vanilla and sandalwood.

The second option is "Ride or Die," which is in the purple heart candy bottle. Its scent is on the sweeter side, where its main notes are blackberry and purple plum, woven with night blooming jasmine and raspberry nectar. Its under notes are caramel and tonka bean, adding a smokier touch.

The last scent is "BFF" which is in the pastel pink bottle. It follows the same formula as the previous bottles, where its top notes are a mix of wild berries and star apples, mixed in with a bouquet of pink rose petals and pear blossoms. The bottom notes are on the sweeter side featuring vanilla marshmallow, which is then balanced out with cedar wood.

The three scents are launching Feb. 1 at 3 p.m. ET/ noon PT exclusively at Each fragrance will be $30 for 30mL. While many people are pumped to buy the fragrances without smelling them, others wish the brand could release sample bottles so it wouldn't be such a gamble purchasing.

"Is it possible for you all to put out samples of all the KKW fragrances? I love perfumes, but I’m one that needs to smell and try on perfumes before purchasing them and I would love to support this brand," one fan wrote.

But for some, part of the appeal is buying the Kardashian name, regardless of whether or not the scent is 100 percent their preference, so who knows if that request will ever become an option. If you're looking to treat yourself on Valentine's Day with a playful beauty treat, these heart fragrances are a cute option.