Mark Hamill's Reaction To 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Is Hilariously Dorky

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Solo: A Star Wars Story comes out on May 25, and while many critics have already published their reviews for the film, everyone is still waiting to hear the thoughts of one particular original Star Wars actor. Luckily, Mark Hamill thinks Solo was thumbs-up worthy, based on a tweet the actor posted early in May. "NO SPOILERS until everyone's seen it, but I can't wait to see it AGAIN," Hamill tweeted about the movie, adding a thumbs-up emoji and the hashtag #SoHighFromSolo.

Just based on that tweet alone, you can consider Solo officially Hamill-approved. The actor's blessing means a lot, as many Star Wars fans have been apprehensive about Solo in the lead-up to the film's release and likely will breathe a sigh of relief knowing Hamill's a fan. After all, the actor probably knows more about the franchise than anyone else besides George Lucas.

But Hamill's opinion of Solo also is important mean a lot because the actor is notorious for keeping it real, even if he regrets it later. In 2017, he expressed his doubts about Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi, for instance, although he later retracted his doubts by saying that The Last Jedi was an "all-time GREAT" movie. Overall, Hamill has shown some skepticism when it comes to new Star Wars installments. In an interview with ABC News, Hamill shared that Carrie Fisher's death has made him less interested in the new films. "It really has tarnished my ability to enjoy it to its fullest... I don't care anymore on that level, because Han Solo is gone, Luke is gone, and you just can't get the band together the way you wanted it to be," Hamill said.

Even though Hamill might not have been particularly excited about the future of Star Wars as a whole, it seems that he has been excited about Solo for a while now. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hamill responded to the backlash that the Solo trailer first received. "I don't know what anybody's complaining about," the actor said. "The trailer makes you want to see the movie and I'm dying to see it, so it worked."

Fortunately, it seems that Solo has lived up to Hamill's expectations, considering that the actor's most recent tweet about the movie suggests that he plans to see it multiple times. He certainly won't be alone if he indeed does that. Solo is the origin story of Han Solo, who Harrison Ford, of course, first played in Episode IV: A New Hope, and it's filled with exciting reveals and action led by Alden Ehrenreich, who takes on the iconic character's younger self. One of the biggest reasons why Solo first garnered apprehension from fans was because Ford's portrayal of the captain of the Millennium Falcon was so remarkable, and for many, there could only be one Solo (fittingly). Yet it sounds like Ehrenreich does a great job at keeping the pilot's spirit alive, as Ford himself has attested.

In a recent surprise appearance on Entertainment Tonight, Ford praised Ehrenreich's performance, calling it "spectacular." Ford went on to say, “I thought he was so smart about what he did and how he did it. I just couldn’t be happier," as the new Solo actor sat nearby.

Now that everyone knows that both Ford and Hamill approve of Solo, it seems like fans can unbridle their maximum excitement for the new standalone film. Even if it doesn't include Star Wars' original cast members, at least the actors who played Luke Skywalker and the original Han Solo have sung praises for the new movie. That's about as good as it can get.