Mountain Dew Just Released A "Merry Mash-Up" Flavor For The Holidays

snackstalker/Instagram; PepsiCola

With the holiday season right around the corner, now is the time to prepare your fridge for season's eatings. But, before you preheat the oven, consider this: festive holiday drinks are just as vital to the seasonal flavor experience as food is. The flip side is that options are fairly limited when it comes to drinks you can have with a meal. Sure, egg nog and cocoa are great, but how much do they *actually* quench your thirst? Well, now you enjoy a new flavor of one of the world's most iconic sodas in time for the holidays: Mountain Dew Merry Mash-Up.

Mountain Dew Merry-Mashup may be a mouthful of a name, but its unique flavor profile is sure to jingle your tastebuds. The Mountain Dew website described the ruby red drink as tasting like cranberry and pomegranate with tart, spicy undertones. Junk food Instagrammer SnackStalker took to the platform to show off the discovering from Kroger. In a post on the account yesterday, SnackStalker said, "Today is the day. Mountain Dew merry mash-up is out! This is a cranberry pomegranate flavored soda that will be around for the holidays. This looks like it will be replacing the holiday brew from last year. Found these cans at Kroger."

Since the flavor is still relatively new, reports of its true taste are few and far between. But, those who have had the chance have been taking to the web to tell everyone about the new sip. One Twitter user named @CornDogInk directed his comments at Mountain Dew, and said, "You[r] new Merry Mash-Up flavor tastes like sweet and sour sauce with cinnamon. Well done." Another user by the name of @_SamStewart said Merry Mash-up has "...great flavor, similar taste/mouthfeel to Pitch Black but cranberry rather than grape," in a caption accompanying his snap of the can.

This time last year, Chewboom reported Mountain Dew released a similar sip with a fiery hue called Mountain Dew Holiday Brew. But, that flavor was actually just a combination of regular Mountain Dew and Mountain Dew Code Red. Mountain Dew Code Red is known for its strong cherry flavor, while regular Mountain Dew is citrus-flavored.

Few soft drinks have gained a following as devout as the one that is committed to the Dew. The unnaturally verdant, caffeine-packed soda has countless vocal fans; the Mountain Dew Facebook page has more than eight million fans to show for it. So, every time PepsiCo, its parent company, drops a new flavor, people lay in wait for it to pop up at their grocery stores.

A move made earlier this year by Mountain Dew embodied this. Of all the varieties of Mountain Dew that have existed, Baja Blast is in a category of its own. Originally a Taco Bell exclusive that was discontinued in 2016, Mountain Dew made the flavor available for purchase in bottles and cans briefly this past spring. Fans, naturally, rejoiced at the opportunity to once again sip the sweet, sweet Dew that had been ever-present in their dreams since its departure from stores. Eight months later, Baja Blast returned to its indefinite hiatus.

But, perhaps Mountain Dew Merry Mash-Up will fill the void left in the hearts of devoted Baja Blast fans. The limited edition flavor will be available during the holiday season.