Starbucks' Latest Frappuccino Tastes Like A Candy Store In A Drink — But In A Good Way


I think that all of us — or all of us that live in the northeast, at least — can agree that this winter has gone on for far too long. When I heard that the all-too-benevolent team at Starbucks had been kind enough to dream up a new whimsical Frappuccino to celebrate the end of this treacherous season, it really just confirmed what I already knew: the 'Bux has our backs. Naturally, I couldn't wait to find out what Starbucks' Crystal Ball Frappuccino tastes like, so I strapped on my snow boots (thanks to a nasty snowstorm in NYC that occurred the day after the first official day of spring — I guess you could say that this beverage is taking the edge off the end of winter!) and paid a visit to my local 'Bux baristas.

I knew just by looking at the chalk drawing of said Frappuccino on the menu at my Starbucks that it could be right up my alley. I saw whipped cream and sprinkles and what appeared to be a cool watercolor blend of pastel greens and blues and was even more excited to give the drink a try. When the barista handed me my completed order — it's worth mentioning, I think, that he quite literally jumped at the chance to make the newly-released beverage — it didn't disappoint. It looked just like the drawing on the chalkboard, except that it was only green. We were off to a promising start, though!

My first sip of the Crystal Ball Frappuccino immediately brought to mind a bag of gummy peach rings. (To be clear, this is a good thing.) Mixed with the standard Frappuccino cream, the peach flavor is bright, but subtle, and it stays consistent with each sip. Rather than getting watered down as I worked my way through the drink, the taste just got better as I adjusted to its fruity sweetness.


The Frappuccino's topping, however, was my favorite part of the generally delicious treat. The whipped cream is infused with a light peach flavor — not as strong as the peach flavor in the actual drink — and the candy sprinkles remind me of Pop Rocks. Overall, the Crystal Ball Frappuccino is a nostalgic dessert beverage experience, one that reminds me of special trips to the candy aisle when I was a kid. If you close your eyes and forget that you're sipping through a straw, you might even be able to imagine that you're enjoying a peach popsicle! Yum!

The Crystal Ball Frap would be perfectly-suited for a warm summer day, so it's kind of a bummer that it's limited availability falls during wintry climates, for many of us, at least. According to the Starbucks Newsroom, the beverage hit 'Bux locations nationwide on Mar. 22 and will be on sale until Mar. 26... or, while supplies last. And since I'm sure I won't be the only one to find that the Crystal Ball Frappuccino is a much-needed tease to the spring and summer ahead, I have a feeling those supplies will go sooner rather than later. If you want a taste of this yummy peach gummy goodness for yourself, you better get going!


What I learned after my little taste test is that the Crystal Ball Frappuccino is available in three different colors, which explains why it was drawn in multiple shades on the menu I saw when I ordered my drink. Per Starbucks, the Frappuccino may be sprinkled with blue, green, or purple, and each color indicates (appropriately) a different fortune straight from your barista. The green sprinkles I got? They indicate good luck! One more thing to like about the Crystal Ball Frappuccino.