Starbucks' New Piña Colada Drink Is Summer In A Cup

by Kaitlyn Wylde

In order for you to fully imagine what Starbucks' new Teavana Piña Colada infused tea tastes like, you'll have to close your eyes. Go ahead, do it, close your eyes. Imagine being on a Caribbean island, with warm sand between your toes. Imagine the feeling of the sun beating down on your shoulders, and the not so distant sound of waves crashing, seagulls squawking, and people laughing as they splash around in the water. You start to get a little too hot, so you reach for your drink — it's an icy, fruity, refreshing one, of course — and when you take a sip, your body temperature is instantly cooler.

That's what the new Teavana Piña Colada infused tea at Starbucks tastes like, basically. Especially if you only ever order a Piña Colada while on vacation or at the beach. One sip of this drink and you'll basically be on a one way flight to somewhere tropical in your mind. The drink, while new, is also a twist on the Teavana Shaken Iced Pineapple Black Tea Infusion. The Piña Colada tea infusion is a creamy and beachy beverage crafted with Teavana black tea, pineapple fruit and botanical blend, coconutmilk, all poured over ice for that ultimate refreshment. You get the boost of energy from the black tea, deep satiation from the coconutmilk, and you get a quick break from reality with the sweet pineapple fruit and botanical blend. No exaggerating, this is your brain on the Piña Colada infused tea at Starbucks:

Whether you're grabbing one on your way to work in the morning, or treating yourself to one as an afternoon pick-me-up, it's going to transport you. If you're in a city, the concrete will fall away with each sip, and you'll feel like you're getting that summer vacation you need.

You probably didn't think that pineapple had a place in your teacup — I know, it's morning and it's happy hour at the same time, and that's confusing — but once you get hooked on this flavor combination, you won't want your tea any other way. Which is totally fine, because this drink is here to stay: Starbucks added it to their official year-round menu, so you can fantasize about the beach during your fall, winter, and spring commute, too.

Not convinced? Head to Starbucks and get your hands on your own!