Here’s What ‘Real Housewives’ Star Teddi’s Husband Does For A Living

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Passing judgment on a new Real Housewife is usually a futile endeavor — we don’t really get to know a new lady until at least the third or fourth episode. Everyone is always on the best behavior, including Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Teddi Mellencamp, and it’s not until the first vacation that the true colors usually show. But when assessing a new cast member, I like to look at the husband. Of course, the Housewives are not their husband’s keepers, but I tend to think you can learn a lot about a person and her life by the company they’ve chained to themselves for the rest of their lives. Teddi's husband, Edwin Arrovaye, is definitely handsome, but what’s his deal? What does Teddi’s husband do for work?

We’ve met Edwin in glimpses over the first few episodes of the season, and from what we’ve seen, I’ll assess Edwin as a hard-working family man. He and Teddi have three young children, and I’ll bet they go to bed exhausted from those little ones (I know they have a nanny, too, but still). According to Edwin’s LinkedIn page, he’s been a hard worker for his whole life. Edwin was born in Colombia, and his family moved to the United States — Los Angeles, specifically — when he was a baby. His LinkedIn bio reads, “At a young age, Edwin was forced to take financial responsibility for his family and become the ‘man of the house.’” That’s intense.

In order to help his family out, Edwin started work as a telemarketer, and after breaking records and crushing the job there, he and a few partners opened a security business in 1999. In 2004, Edwin founded Skyline Security Management, Inc., and he’s been the CEO ever since. In 2014, Edwin was named in the “Top 20 Under 40” for Security System News, and he’s a member of the Bel Air Chapter of the Young Presidents Organization. I’m tired from just reading that.

According to the company’s website, the goal of Skyline Security is “to make you and your loved ones feel safe and comfortable in your home.” The company operates in 30 states, bringing home automation and remote security to those who need it. These are some serious alarm systems — doing a deep dive into their website, I learned that they’re tough to hack, and they can protect from everything from fires and carbon monoxide issues to “crash and smash” burglaries and more targeted operations. Scary? A little, but it’s a big, crazy world out there. I may sign up for some door monitoring myself at this point.

Edwin’s work ethic is clearly strong, but it doesn’t seem like he’s always at work. There are plenty of snaps on his shared Instagram with Teddi that show that Edwin’s a devoted family man, too. Look at these cute kids!

I love a man who can do a photo collage.

Edwin knows how to have fun, too — look at the cleavage in this snap with Kyle Richards.

I think Teddi and Edwin will do well on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, mostly because they seem like pretty chill people. "I’m straightforward, and I tell it like it is,” Teddi told People. “And I love learning about everybody from different cultures, different lifestyles, whatever it is." Oh, you're going to learn a lot about people on this show, Teddi, so thank the powers that be that you have a hot husband to take your side in arguments once it all starts rolling. And if all else fails, you can set up an even fancier alarm system to keep Lisa Rinna out.