Here's How This Month's Full Moon Will Affect You, Based On Your Sign

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"Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, turn and face the strange." These lyrics from David Bowie's iconic song "Changes" pretty much sum up the effects of the recent new moon. Now it's time to move forward on your new path. If you're wondering, what does the April 2018 full moon mean for my sign? "This is the perfect full moon to complement the April 15 new moon because the major theme of that new moon was making a positive change in your life," Astrology King explained on its website. "The new moon two weeks ago was particularly good for making a fresh start in your love life. Whether rejuvenating an existing relationship or finding new love, the planets align in your favor."

This month's full moon in Scorpio on April 29, known as the pink moon, will alleviate some of that dark and twisty energy you might be feeling from all of the recent cosmic upheaval brought about by Mercury and Saturn being retrograde back to back. "The April 29 full moon now brings the stability and security to crystallize recent changes and make them permanent improvements," Astrology King noted. "This is a good full moon for making new partnerships binding, formal and legal. It is a good full moon for tradition, ritual and ceremony." So, just how will the April full moon affect your sign? Prepare to embark on a positive pink-moon path.


Aries: Address The Elephant In The Room

Aries, the recent new moon likely caused you to examine some of the feelings you've been trying hard to keep a lid on. Well, it's time to open Pandora's box and let those feelings out. "You may feel more strongly and deeply, and may have to address something deeply held or that you’d rather avoid," The Dark Pixie Astrology noted on its website. "A healthy outlet for emotions may be needed." If you can't release these feelings to an actual person, make sure you get rid of them in another way. Channel your feelings into a creative outlet, write them down, or just say them out loud to yourself and release them from your soul.


Taurus: Prepare For A New Partnership

Taurus, while the month leading up to the pink moon may have presented a few stumbling blocks, learning how to work with others who might not agree with you 100 percent will help you reach your goals during the April full moon. "The full moon itself brings preparedness, steadiness, determination and final success," Astrology King explained. "This is a good full moon for making new partnerships binding, formal and legal."


Gemini: Find Some Balance

Gemini, your twinning nature means that you're often pulled in two opposing directions. While you might want to keep busy AF to get everything done, neglecting to take care of yourself during the April full moon could leave you feeling depleted. "The more work you do, the better you can feel emotionally, but you may take on a lot, which can cause a lot of stress, so try not to push yourself too much," The Dark Pixie Astrology advised. "You may focus on streamlining your daily life, or eliminating a bad habit."


Cancer: Relish In Relaxation

OK, let's acknowledge that telling someone to relax does not help them chill out. However, Cancer, that's exactly what the universe wants you to do during the April pink moon. "Sundays full moon in Scorpio should make you feel totally at ease physically, mentally, and emotionally. You will feel comfortable and confident being yourself with no need for pretense or pretending," Astrology King noted. "If you have to work you will be able to focus on the job with ambitious energy and do it well. If you want to relax you will be able to without feeling you should be doing something else."


Leo: Nourish Your Relationships

Leo, your fierce lion energy makes you popular with everyone. However, you may discover during the April full moon that you've ignored important relationships in your life that need attention. "You can grow closer with relatives emotionally, or further apart if you can’t resolve issues," The Dark Pixie Astrology explained. "You may want more comfort and support from others to feel secure emotionally, and can work to strengthen the foundation of your life."


Virgo: Say Goodbye To Drama

Virgo, if you've been busy refereeing other people's drama, the April full moon is the signal that it's time to throw in the towel and let them work it out on their own. "Sundays full moon in Scorpio gives a feeling of inner balance and a sense of harmony and contentment with life. While those around you may be hot and bothered, you are way too cool to be affected by any drama," Astrology King revealed. "Making new friends or even business contacts will give you the contentment and satisfaction you seek."


Libra: Get Some Closure

Libra, you are forever seeking balance, and if you've been leaving a lot of things open ended lately, the April pink moon will help you get some much needed closure. "Settle financial issues or arrangements, finalize transactions or plans, work to eliminate blocks to security, stability, or confidence, and may benefit from getting more grounded and focused in your life," The Dark Pixie Astrology advised. What's more, listen to yourself and shut out all of that external noise. "You may take what other people think of you to heart, so try not to focus so much on other people’s opinions."


Scorpio: Let Your Guard Down

Scorpio, if all of your personal relationships are based on maintaining an air of mystery and withholding your emotions, they'll remain shallow and leave you longing for deeper connections. The April full moon in your sign is an ideal time to reveal yourself to those closest to you. "This is a good full moon to start a new relationship or energize an existing one," Astrology King noted. "The reasons for any recent relationships tension will be plain to see. You can intuitively sense of how your personal ambitions, wants and needs affect the feelings of your partner."


Sagittarius: Embrace Your Inner Introvert

Sagittarius, your tendency to be a willing sounding board and confidant for everyone else can leave you feeling easily drained during the April full moon. It's OK to close the door for a few days to take care of your own needs. "You can be extra compassionate and empathic, intuitive and understanding, and want to help others," The Dark Pixie Astrology explained. "You may need more time alone, and can be more easily rundown, so you may want time to yourself to recharge."


Capricorn: Seek Out Social Activities

Capricorn, the April pink moon is going to motivate you to deepen your relationships, make new emotional connections, and seek out social situations. Embrace being extroverted, even if it's only for a few days. "Your intimate relationships can grow through strong emotional bonding and mutual respect," Astrology King explained. "This is the ideal full moon to enjoy intimacy with your partner or to share in the communal emotional highs of a dance party. Your life will be enhanced through all kinds of social contact."


Aquarius: Focus On Progress, Not Perfection

Aquarius, the April full moon encourages you to focus on the progress you're making on your current path instead of striving for perfection. The pink moon could also reveal projects you need to abandon because you lack the passion to pursue them. "You can make progress with the goals you’ve worked hard and smart at and really care about, or experience setbacks or delays with goals you don’t care much for or need to change your approach with," The Dark Pixie Astrology advised. Take an honest internal inventory and decide how you want to proceed.


Pisces: Peace, Love, & Happiness

My pensive Pisces, the April pink moon was designed with you in mind. Do whatever brings you joy and happiness and avoid anything stressful because the universe totally has your back. "Sundays full moon in Scorpio should make you feel comfortable and confident being yourself with no need for pretense," Astrology King predicted. "You should not meet obstacles or major drama with anything you need to do. Your inner peace will make all your relationships more harmonious than usual. Relationships in your private, social, and professional life should be pleasant and cause no stress."

Intuitive Astrology calls this full moon the most magical of the year. "Scorpio energy has the potential to move and shift to where it is needed, which is why having the full moon in this sign can be so powerful and also so personal." Translation, the April pink moon has gifts for every sign in the zodiac if you're open to receiving them. Yes, please!

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