5 Sex Tech Innovations Designed By Women, For Women

BDG Media, Inc.

The future of sex tech is here, and it is female. Although the makers of sexual products have predominately been men since time immemorial, women are now more than ever carving out a space of their own. But instead of upholding the status quo and sex toy business-as-usual, they're shaking up the industry and completely reimagining and reshaping pleasure products to reflect women's bodies and desires.

According to a 2016 panel on the future of sex tech, too many toy companies are still profiting off of women's societally ingrained sexual shame. That means they can put out shoddy products that are far below the usual standards for consumer electronics and not expect to receive any flack. But in a world that has too often offered crumbs to women, there is a new generation of entrepreneurs demanding a full, satisfying meal. And thanks to sex tech heavy hitters like Make Love Not Porn's Cindy Gallop and companies like Unbound, Dame, and Sustain, women are getting used to asking for more, more, more when it comes to their pleasure products.

So if you're interested in buying sex tech by women for women, where should you start? Here are five accessories that are sure to blow your mind:


Eva Hands-Free Vibe

Dame Products is a company founded by two women with the desire to "openly empower the sexual experiences of womankind." Their Eva vibrator was designed to stay in place with two soft, flexible wings that tuck under and hug the labia. It's hands-free and works just as well for clit only stimulation or during penetrative sex — and has been showered with rave reviews since its successful IndieGoGo campaign in 2014.


Rock and Roll Vibe

One of the UK's premier purveyors of pleasure, Ann Summers offers a bevy of toys created by women for women. The unique shape of "Rock and Roll" was designed by Emily Woodcock to mimic the feeling she gets being aroused mid-horseback ride. With both internal and external stimulation, it's fit for either a solo trip or an adventure with a partner.


Fin Finger Vibe

Fin is Dame's most recent release designed to be worn between the fingers for good vibrations anywhere your hand can go. It's water resistant, USB rechargeable, has three speeds to choose from, and is perfect for foreplay, masturbation, and couples play.


Post Play Wipes

Sustain Post Play Wipes, $8, Jet

Sustain is a sex-positive company with an ethical, environmental ethos led by young innovator Meika Hollander. In addition to their unbleached tampons and pads, carcinogen free condoms, and organic lube, Sustain's PostPlay Wipes are ideal for an earth-conscious babe on the go. Unlike a lot of wipes made with harsh chemicals and overpowering scents, these are designed not to mess with a vagina's pH balance, and include shea butter, aloe vera, and lavender oil on 100 percent cotton to freshen up after self-love, coupled sex, or even a long day out and about.


Moi Box Deluxe

So once you have your gear, where are you supposed to put it all? Inspired by an embarrassing moment with a personal organizer where her intimate aides were discovered, Lidia Bonilla created Plume's Moi Box for sex toy storage. The lacquered and lockable Moi Box can house three large toys as well as charging cables, condoms, lube, (or even wipes!) — and is designed with an antibacterial coating to discourage germs from invading your personal space.

So if you've ever wondered how you can put your money where your, um, mouth is to support women-owned sex tech, look no further than these companies. It's a total win-win for sex-positive women everywhere.