Here’s What The Upcoming Year Of The Dog Means For Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

by Brittany Bennett
Kevin Frayer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On Feb. 16 the world will celebrate the Chinese New Year, welcoming the Year of the Dog in like the good doggo it is — we hope. A new year means new zodiac predictions for the 365 days ahead. So, what does the Year of the Dog mean for your Chinese zodiac sign? Whatever animal represents your Chinese zodiac, there's one major theme grounding all of the signs — meaning that even if you're not a Dog sign, you're going to be affected by the Year of the Dog anyway.

This is the Year of the Dog, but it's important to note what kind of dog. In short, there are five elements that represent each zodiac. Those are: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. 2018 is the year of the Earth Dog, so imagine this year as a loyal Golden Retriever sprawled across your feet. While the year will affect each sign differently, the element of Earth seems to be universal. writes, "The element of earth will become very important to all signs this year, bringing more groundedness and stability. Where last year may have had you scrambling to keep up with all the opportunities coming your way, this year you get to settle into one or more of them, and start feeling confident and at ease." Where we all might have felt hectic last year, we'll have a chance to settle down and enjoy the treats we've earned.


Paste that list of goals on your refrigerator. Rats are driven. Remember the pizza rat? Stairs and a slice three times the creatures size was just a mere obstacle for the rat's ultimate goal to enjoy the ultimate feast trackside. You'll get the enjoy the slice — the whole pie, rather — this year. suggests, "during the year of the earth Dog, you may find that you’re more determined than ever to make some of your larger goals happen. You’ve put all the smaller steps into place, and now it’s time to reap the rewards of all your hard work."


Is your inbox piling up with invites? Say yes, even if you might fear being a bit uncomfortable at first. writes, "Your desire to build more good fortune in your life grows by leaps and bounds as you get to know the right people, and put the right plans into place." Being in the right place at the right time around the right people could be the norm this year. Use the support and energy to put your big plans into motion.


It's a totally socially conscious reawakening for the Tiger in the Year of the Dog. predicts, "the Tiger is more concerned with his spiritual well-being, and discovers with astonishment the strength and beneficial protection of an altruistic behavior. More concerned about preserving the environment, the Tiger also evolves in his consumption habits. The Tiger, if it wasn't already the case, now tends to favor the consumption of healthier, seasonal and locally produced food." Get out your canvas bags and your yoga mat, because you'll be more committed than ever this year to do some good.


Thanks to the theme of stability your bank account may benefit. writes, "Even your financial situation gets a boost from the Earth element, and you can see your funds grow through careful decision-making. Let a little of your normal reserve go, and have fun this year!" Perhaps you'll be inspired to figure out a budget, or pad your savings account, so you can enjoy a night out without worrying about depleting the funds for your future!


Interestingly enough in terms of compatibility, the sign of the Dragon is opposite to the Dog. This makes 2018 a little bit more of a challenge for the Dragon. However, assures, "Earth with a Yang polarity, element of the year 2018, is in harmony with the stable element of the Dragon, which is also Earth. Because of this correspondence, he is able to face more confidently the negative events he may have to confront if he's not on his guard." Anything that might pose as a challenge can be handled with ease.


2018 is all about refueling. If there are people obstructing your slithering path, you might need to whip out the rattler to warn them out of your way. The focus is on becoming better, so don't let anyone hold you back. writes, "Self-improver though you are, you’re also mastering new skills like resilience, courage and renewed energy. Just make sure you get your beauty sleep each night!" Sssslay!


The horse may need to concentrate more on the herd this year. predicts, "During the Year of the Dog 2018, the Horse is more centered on the needs of his home and family. It’s for the better, because it’s a period during which his plans for long distant journeys are put on hold." While big leaps may be put on hold for right now, there's no better time to strengthen your home base.


In a wonderful world of interspecies friendships, goats and dogs might not be the fairytale friendship we hope it to be. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean the Year of the Dog will be hard for goats. Actually, relationships will get a great boost. says, "Relationships soar around mid-year, when you finally can’t hold your feelings in anymore. Thankfully, they’re returned, and the sky’s the limit! Friends, family, and other loyal cohorts pick you up when things are challenging, and get you back on your feet." Loyalty isn't a trait reserved only for Golden Retrievers. Even if this year shows obstacles, you'll have a support system to help you through.


The Year of the Dog might be a little ruff — I mean, rough — for the Monkey. cautions, "During the course of 2018, the Monkey can expect a stagnation of the projects that are close to his heart. Thus, the Monkey is led to fight on several fronts at the same time, while keeping a watchful eye on ambivalent people, whom he must keep at a distance while letting them believe that they have his full cooperation." Things might feel challenging, but it's a good time for reflection.


This year is all about balance. says, "Though you get ahead in money and at work through steady application of your skills, you may be forced into uncomfortable situations with people you don’t like." Take this year a day at a time, and work on being a team player.


The energy of the year is focused on you! suggests to expect, "The year of the earth Dog highlights dependability, building loyalty at work and in relationships, and certainly building material wealth." This year is like learning how to play fetch. It's about showing your skill and working on building stronger, beneficial relationships that will ultimately lead to success in the future.


Take care of yourself, Pig! suggests, "The Pig must take great care of his expenses, especially in the middle of the year, and particularly around May 2018, at the risk of being caught up in money problems or realizing too late that he has invested at a loss." There's no reason to freak, but it's good to be cautious about spending habits and their consequences this year to benefit your ultimate comfort. And comfort is something a pig certainly enjoys.