Men On Reddit Are Sharing What Sex Feels Like In Great Detail & It's ~Enlightening~

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What does anal feel like for men? Well, considering some men seem totally obsessed with it, it's easy to assume that it must feel amazing, but I'm not really sure why it's so different from good, old PIV penetration.

As someone without a penis, I'm wasn't really aware what the sensation difference is for men — but now there's a way to know. An AskReddit thread asked men to talk about the difference between the two and their responses are really interesting and very graphic. Because even for the guys who loved doing it, not all of them actually preferred the feeling of anal to the feeling of vaginal sex. In fact, there were a lot of different factors that seemed to influence why they actually wanted to do it. Some of them were the physical sensation, but others had to do more with the power dynamic between the partners — and even the intimacy.

Now if anal isn't your thing, that's totally OK. You should never do anything sexually that you're not comfortable with and doesn't make you feel absolutely amazing. But if you're curious as to what is going through a dude's mind when he talks about it, now you can have some insight. Some of their responses are detailed AF, so just be prepared for a whole lot of oversharing. Here's what they said.


The Taboo

Taboo comes up a lot in these responses, but you can see in this response that it's almost more important than the sensation — to this person, at least.



There are a lot of different ways you can mix up your sex life. Sometimes it's changing the position or toy, but sometimes it's with the sex act itself. If you're not doing it all the time, anal is a good way to change things up.


Somewhere Wrong

With the butt so often being associated with out-not-in, for some people that's enough to make them want it. Unexplored territory can have a powerful grasp.


Being Trusted

This was an interesting response, because so many focused on the taboo or the naughty aspect — but this person felt like the added trust was a turn on.


Not The "Average" Woman

I don't really like this rationale — the fetishization of being "not like other women" is destructive and misogynistic, like the all too common "cool girl" trope. Plus, other women like anal sex — sorry!


Controlling The Friction

I don't really think of friction as being a good thing, but I guess for some guys there's an added bonus. As long as the woman's comfortable, of course.


More Intimate

Like the trust response, this person focused on the intimacy of the situation. I don't 100 percent agree — some women are happy to have anal for fun and some women who really love their partner won't want to do it all — but for this dude, there's that layer added in.


Grainier ?

I don't know why grainier is a good thing — in fact, I can't think of one other context where "granier" is presented as a favorable comparison, but there you go.



Sure? I mean, sure. Actually a lot of people one the thread seemed to agree with this one, so who am I to say? Water bottles for life.


The Vagina Feels Better

A lot of the people in the thread didn't necessarily prefer anal, despite some dudes being obsessed by it. This guy definitely came down as preferring vaginal sex.


As Part Of Double Penetration

OK, so there may be a lot of information in here, but the most important thing is the username. Look at the username. But I like that they highlighted the importance of lube again and acknowledged that for some women it's just not OK without it — you shouldn't be in pain. Unless, you know, you like it.


And This Total Break Down

I mean, if you want to get a blow-by-blow of how the two can feel different, this person is giving you all the details. So now you know.

Anal sex isn't everybody's cup of tea and it seems like, even for people who love it, there are different motivations. For some people it's the physical sensation, for some it's the psychology, and for some it's the connection. As long as both partner's are enjoying it, it doesn't really matter.