What Donald Trump Jr.'s Body Language Says About Him, According To Experts

by Sarah Beauchamp

It seems like Donald Trump Jr. might be like his dad in more ways than one — in fact, experts say even their body language is similar. From their restrained smiles to their confident demeanors, Don Jr. and Don Sr. give off a lot of the same body language cues. Here's everything that Donald Trump Jr.'s body language says about him.

"It's kind of like he's trying to be a mini version of his father," body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass tells Bustle. "He's copied all of his gestures, he stands very erect, with his posture, his head back. His body language shows he's really trying to emulate his dad. He's trying to live up to his name."

According to Glass, someone's mannerisms can tell you a lot about them, because they offer insight into that person's emotional state. "People leak out who they are through their body language," she says. For instance, certain words trigger the emotional sector of the brain which then elicits a psychical reaction. "The signal from the brain translates into the muscle action."

Don Jr.'s body language cues indicate that he's very serious, according to body language expert Traci Brown. She prefers the candid shots of Donald Jr., because it's easier to read who he is.

"They can be more telling," she tells Bustle. Of an image of Donald Jr. looking angry in an elevator at Trump Tower, Brown says, "the corners of his mouth are pulled back a little. I don't know if this is normal from him, but it can indicate fear."

Brown also commented on the now infamous photo of Don Jr. posing in the woods wearing a red flannel, which demonstrates the same kind of bravado his dad often displays. "He's posed so that he's spread out, like he owns the forest," Brown says. "His legs and arms spread out, showing confidence. He's frowning a bit. Which shows he's unhappy — but about what?"

Glass also studied photos of Donald Jr. giving speeches, gripping the podium in the same way his dad is wont to do. "His body language emulates his dad's quite a bit," Glass says. He shares the same "pursed lip smile" and open-handed wave as his dad.

"The facial tension and facial expressions are very, very similar. Even when he's with his brother, Eric, you can see that his head is back. His mind is always working, kind of like his dad's."

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Both experts noted that despite being thrust into a political role that not a lot of people saw coming, including, reportedly, the Trumps themselves, Donald Jr. seems to be confident in his position as America's First Son, according to Brown.

With the limited video I've seen of him, he seems very confident, in control, and in full support of his dad. His voice doesn't waver, he's used to criticism and he's clearly used to the spotlight.

However, she added it's been difficult to really read Don Jr., as there isn't a lot of "fresh material" for her to work with because he's been out of the media as of late.

Compared to his brother Eric, Glass thinks Donald Jr. is more tightly wound than his younger brother, Glass says.

I think Eric is a little more relaxed, a little more laid back, has a little more sense of humor. [He's] a little more relatable, in terms of [being in] public; he's more sociable.

But the two are similar in many ways. They were often referred to as "the Storm Troopers" by Hillary Clinton's campaign, because of their slicked-back hair and the way they carry themselves like "soldiers," as Vanity Fair reported.

Don Jr.'s demeanor certainly does fit that of a solider, with his stick-straight posture and brash, take-no-prisoners attitude, says Glass.

He's very confident and he's doing it willingly. He's an excellent soldier for his dad. ... He's a very loyal, loyal son, and loyal worker, so to speak. He's got his dad's back and you can see it. He's very protective, and he's no nonsense.