Noah Centineo's 'The Fosters' Character Is All Grown Up In The Freeform Spinoff

Richard Cartwright/Freeform

If you have spent any time on this planet in the past year, you have heard a lot about Noah Centineo. He starred in the breakout Netflix adaptation of To All The Boys I've Loved Before, which really brought him into a national spotlight. But even before that, he already had a dedicated fan base thanks to his time on the Freeform show, The Fosters. Now that the series is getting a spinoff, it's time to think about what episodes of Good Trouble Noah Centineo is in.

Right now, his IMDB page only has him listed as a cast member for two episodes of Good Trouble, but things like that are always subject to change. Fans didn't see Centineo in the premiere, which aired Jan. 8, but he's definitely been public about his involvement with the show, as he's appeared in teasers and also attended the premiere event. But for now, the details on when and how regularly we'll be seeing him are still unclear.

Centineo played Jesus in The Fosters, which ran from 2015 to 2018. Seeing as Good Trouble focuses on his character's twin sister, Mariana, it's only natural for him to show up from time to time, even if we don't know to what extent. Though he's continuously been referred to as a guest star, executive producer for Good Trouble, Joanna Johnson, talked to TV Guide about Centineo's reprisal of the role, and her comments definitely didn't make Jesus' return sound like just a brief cameo.

"We absolutely have plans for an arc with Jesus," she said. "We may see other people from their past come through as well." As evidenced by the first few tweets about Good Trouble, fans are certainly ready to see Centineo as often and as soon as possible.

Cierra Ramirez teased to Entertainment Tonight an idea of what her onscreen brother will be up to when he does show up, though she obviously couldn't divulge a ton of information. "Jesus, I don't want to give too much away, but he's definitely in a new place in life and everyone is very grown up and kind of becoming their own humans," she said. "But he's always going to come in and stir something up just because they are twins and they are always fighting. But he's the only one that can actually get away with all of that."

Ramirez also said that he'll apparently step in and help Mariana get her head straight when things are getting intense this season. "A lot of times Mariana needs to be told all these things and it can come off as very harsh, but when it's her twin brother, he can easily get away with it," she continued. "He brings her back down to earth."

All in all, despite any Jesus appearances, Good Trouble's focus appears to be mainly on its two leading ladies. Mariana and Callie are moving on up from their Fosters roots, and Johnson told TVLine that they're shooting for a much more grown-up feel. "We love The Fosters, and we would’ve done it forever. But because the network was really trying to be a network about and for millennials and Gen Z-ers, they sort of felt like it was time to grow the show up, and you know, it’s true," she said. "These actors have been playing younger than themselves for a long time. And I felt like we had told almost every high school story that we could think of without suddenly going into the crazy stuff, and it was just time to evolve."

The trailers for the show promise drama on drama as the season continues, with or without Centineo. But no matter how invested fans become in Mariana and Callie's new chapter, there will always be a special place in their hearts for any Jesus content they can get