An Emergency Meeting Has Been Called At Buckingham Palace

Leon Neal/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Social media got to work speculating after members of the Royal Staff were reportedly called to an emergency meeting at Buckingham Palace on Thursday. Though rumors are flying around, the occasion for the meeting, which is reportedly an unusual occurrence, has not been disclosed. Lord Chamberlain, the Royal Household's most senior official, will give a speech to the Royal Family's staff, alongside Private Secretary Sir Christopher Geidt, on Thursday morning. In the meantime, a Palace official told the Associated Press there is "no cause for concern."

A member of the Palace staff spoke with The Daily Mail and claimed that even she wasn't sure why the meeting was called. She suggested that only those who are very close to the queen are aware.

Everyone is on tenterhooks. Although meetings involving the entire royal household are occasionally called, the way this has been done at the eleventh hour is highly unusual and suggests that there is something major to be disseminated. But at the moment, only those closest to her genuinely know what on earth this is all about.

Even so, other sources are advising the public to not sensationalize or exaggerate the meeting, especially now that Palace officials have quelled concerns. Social media, in particular, was buzzing with rumors about the health of the prince and queen. Queen Elizabeth II is 91 years old and her husband, Prince Philip, will turn 96 years old in June. But don't get any ideas prematurely. Though the reason behind the meeting has not been confirmed, a Palace official reportedly confirmed that both the Queen and Prince are "alive and well" in a comment to New Zealand's News Hub website.

Both the prince and queen have had health scares in the past. The queen was sick during Christmas time and could not attend a Christmas mass in 2016 as a result. According to The New York Times, that was the first time since 1988 she hasn't been in attendance at the traditional event. Five years prior around the same time, Prince Philip had heart surgery for a blocked coronary artery. Despite the past scares, the couple appears to be in good health, as they have both been seen in public recently. The queen, for instance, traveled to Windsor for Easter, while Prince Philip was seen on Lord's Cricket Ground on Wednesday.

If you've ever watched an episode or two of Netflix's The Crown, you know that what goes on within the walls of Buckingham Palace is a pretty big deal. One can only hope the meeting that caused such a flurry will have positive, not negative news to declare.