Erika & Dorit Aren’t Fighting In ‘RHOBH’ Season 8, So Anything Is Possible

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

There are some unholy alliances on reality shows that you just never see coming, friendships formed between the unlikeliest of people. Polar opposites, enemies, whatever — it’s like the Hatfields and the McCoys getting together. The latest of those is Dorit and Erika from The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. To say these women didn’t like each other last season is an understatement — I don’t think they said one nice thing to each other all season. Well, it’s all changing now, because the two women appear to be friends on RHOBH Season 8 premiere.

Really! I’m not kidding. Hath hell frozen over? The evidence first appeared in the Dec. 19 episode when Kyle floated the idea of having a joint birthday party in Las Vegas for Dorit and Erika. Both ladies both have July birthdays around the same time, so Kyle figured it would be a good way to celebrate them both. This would make sense for any other pairing on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, but Kyle seemed to think it was a good idea. I continued to think it was not, until Erika arrived at the airport and Dorit was already waiting for the private plane Kyle chartered. Everyone looked at each other like, “what’s going to happen here…” and then Erika and Dorit hugged it out and said hello and complimented each other, and they seemed to have a grand ol’ time on the plane. The episode ended before we could dive too much into their time spent on the Strip, but it seems the ice has finally thawed between Dorit and Erika. I'm not saying they're besties — they're not taking pics up a storm on their Instagrams or anything — but things are much, much better.

It wasn’t like this in Season 7. "Pantygate," as it was dubbed, was polarizing and kind of stupid, which means that it was the drama that was most featured all season long. It started at a cocktail party when a joke was made about wearing underwear and Erika said something to the effect that she wasn’t wearing any under her dress because she didn’t want that dreaded VPL, aka "visible panty lines." (I get you, girl.) Unfortunately, Dorit’s husband, PK, was sitting across from Erika and was like, trying to sneak peeks at Erika’s undercarriage all night. Dorit was incensed at Erika for having a vagina and not covering it, even though Erika just sat there while PK was attempting to look. Then, Dorit and PK brought it up every five minutes that Erika doesn’t wear underwear, joking that she was trying to trap men with her entrancing lady parts. It was ridiculous, and the last episodes of the season (Hong Kong, in particular) and reunion got heated.

If you’ve never seen a fight over nothing, you’ve never watched any Real Housewives franchise, but I was firmly on #TeamErika here. After the arguments evolved into something uglier, she wasn’t 100 percent in the right, but at the original scene of the crime, Erika did nothing wrong. It’s not Erika’s fault that PK was basically crawling under the table to see what was underneath Erika’s dress, it’s PK’s. Dorit never admitted that, and the Kemsleys did everything short of calling Erika a "slut." At the end of the last reunion episode, though, both women vowed to work on their relationship and put all of that nonsense in the past. It seems like they’re actually doing it, too.

This is great for a few reasons. The first is that no Real Housewives viewer wants to see the same dramas hashed out over and over, season after season. It’s boring, and it’s bad for viewership. The second is that Dorit and Erika are simply meant to be friends. Two Cancers can get along — with water signs, still waters run deep. But these women are peacocks, and think of the looks that they could create together. Two women who love to dress plus two different glam squads equals dinner party looks that haven’t been created before and will possibly never be created again. It’s historic.

It’s also a lot more fun to watch these fun-loving women love instead of fight. Season 8 is just starting, so things could change, but for now, it seems like Dorit and Erika are at the beginning of a beautiful friendship.