'Riverdale' Revealed More Blossom Family Secrets

Diyah Pera /The CW

The Blossom family clearly lives for the gothic drama, but Riverdale just took it to another level. I'm going to need a new casebook for all of the secrets they revealed in Thursday's episode. Spoilers ahead, be warned. Not to make too light of things, because Clifford Blossom died on Riverdale after getting caught. He killed his own son, and now he is gone as well.

He was found hanging in the Blossom barn at the end of the episode, as the cops came to arrest him. Did Clifford kill himself? It's possible that the Blossom ladies took their revenge and staged the suicide. Maybe one of the Scorpians did it. I'm not exactly sad to see him go, except that this is just adding to Cheryl's already traumatic year. That said, this is not over.

Plus, there's still a lotta mysteries out there, and most of the ones in Riverdale circle back to the Blossom family. Let's look back at what all we learned this week. For one brief second, I thought that Grandma killed Jason. That's just how twisted this family is.

First, Polly and Jason are third cousins. Grandpa Cooper was Grandpa Blossom's brother, and changed his name after the feud/death. That's chill. It was enough to make Hal Cooper super angry and weird about their relationship, of absolutely no consequence to the Blossom family, yet not enough to cause anyone to spill the beans in hopes they'd break up.

Next, as Jughead's voiceover so aptly put it, we may know that Clifford killed Jason but we don't know why. What about the Blossom family business could he not handle? Was Jason about to expose the family secret, whatever that may be?

Finally, and on that note, are the Blossoms secretly drug lords? What's hiding in their maple syrup? Are they just selling, or growing? Suspicious bags that had been de-lodged by a cop's foot from a maple syrup barrel were strewn across the ground under Clifford's hanging body. Either he was murdered, or he really wanted people to know the extent of his crimes before he died. There are so many unanswered questions on Riverdale; Clifford's death is just the beginning.