What Happened To Nick B. On JoJo's 'Bachelorette' Season? This Contestant Made An Interesting First Impression

ABC/ Bob D’Amico

There are two types of contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette — those who show up on the first day in a costume and those who don't. Nick Benvenutti, a suitor from JoJo Fletcher's Bachelorette season, was one of those people who treated their limo exit like a second-chance at Halloween. From the moment he arrived in a full Santa suit, complete with a beard and a satchel of presents, Nick became best known for his outfit choice. Unfortunately, he faded into the background as the rest of JoJo's the season wore on, and ultimately he was sent home. His brief appearance Santa Claus will live in infamy, though, and even gave him the nickname "Saint Nick". On Monday, Nick will appear on the new season of Bachelor in Paradise, and it will be a chance for him to make an impression other than as the suitor who stole Christmas.

Nick has been busy since his time on The Bachelorette, and it turns out he has a few hobbies besides spreading holiday cheer. If Instagram is to be believed, he is very outdoorsy and is a huge fan of fishing and boating. He's also loves working out. He clearly has no intention of taking his Santa physique to the next level, and instead hits the gym regularly. When not exploring the wilderness or pumping iron, this suitor loves to spend time with his family. While all these traits make him a responsible choice, he never quite made an impression on JoJo after that first night, and was sent home early in the season. However, with his second chance in Paradise, Nick B. might get a chance to connect more deeply with another contestant.

ABC/Paul Hebert

While Nick might have been better off showing up for Bachelor in Paradise dressed as himself, he did show up with just the beard judging by photos that have already been released. Hopefully he doesn't try that whole lap-sitting thing again, even though JoJo seemed to think that the whole joke was funny. She even laughed when he repeatedly said "Jo Jo Jo" throughout the episode, even as the audience realized with horror that, oh god, he really was going to keep this gag running for the whole night.

It certainly wasn't the first, and probably won't be the last, time that a suitor used a costume to grab the attention of the Bachelorette or Bachelor. Alexis Waters famously stepped out of the limo to meet Nick Viall wearing a shark costume, and Matt on Rachel Lindsay's season showed up dressed as a penguin. (He'll be doing the same on BiP.)

We already know Saint Nick's costumed past is coming up again, but this time it just might not be the only thing that audiences remember about the contestant.