Here's Everyone On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 4

by Kristie Rohwedder
Paul Hebert/ABC

We are about 10 days away from the two-night premiere (yes, there will be two) of Bachelor in Paradise Season 4, and until then, we have the first portrait of the cast to tide us over. And judging from this first portrait of who is on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4, it's probably safe to say this will be an interesting summer. (Er, the first portrait of the first 21 cast members. Who knows how many more will join the show along the way? There will be more, right? Right?)

Before this picture hoisted itself up onto an inflatable raft and sailed across the internet on Wednesday, we knew some of the Bachelor/ette alumni that were slated to appear on Season 4. Well, thanks to this fresh group photo, we can go ahead and add more confirmed names to the list.

So, who are the 21 confirmed Bachelor in Paradise contestants? Rather than go in alphabetical order, let's break it down by season. First, why don't we kick things off with the two Bachelor in Paradise veterans. The BiP pros. The two who have trekked out to Paradise before and are back for a second round. The two who, like Ashley Iaconetti before them, have proven "YOPO" wrong.

Amanda Stanton


Stanton was on Ben Higgins’s season of The Bachelor and BiP Season 3. She remained on BiP until the very end, where she got engaged to Andi Dorfman’s ex-fiancé, Josh Murray. Stanton and Murray broke up earlier this year.

Vinny Ventiera


After appearing on JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette, Ventiera went on the third season of Paradise. Oh, he’s also on a new episode of Million Dollar Matchmaker. Clearly, the dude is determined to find love.

Now, who else is here from Fletcher’s season?

Nick Benvenutti


Ring the sleigh bells, because St. Nick is back. Now, if Benvenutti were to throw some swim trunks and a snorkel over his Santa Claus costume, this might be his season for the taking.

Derek Peth


Missed you, Jim Halpert.

Alex Woytkiw


Chad Johnson's enemy has returned to Bachelor Nation.

Robby Hayes

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you: For some reason, the runner-up of Fletcher's season isn’t in the group photo.

Now, who's here from Nick Viall’s season?

Corinne Olympios


In June, production on BiP came to a halt due to allegations of misconduct involving Olympios and DeMario Jackson. Production resumed after Warner Bros.' investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing, but there was speculation regarding whether or not Olympios and Jackson would be featured on the show. Earlier this week, Chris Harrison confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that Olympios will still be part of the season.

Raven Gates


She had us in the palm of her hand at "Woo, pig, sooie."

Alexis Waters


Is Waters’ shark/dolphin costume waterproof? Because it would be amazing to watch her race her costars in the pool. While she’s wearing the shark/dolphin costume. It’d be a beautiful homage to Michael Phelps’ Shark Week event, no?

Taylor Nolan


Nolan's time on Viall's season was, uh, pretty tense, so let's hope Paradise is a more enjoyable experience for her.

Jasmine Goode


Odd choking conversation aside, Goode was so great on Viall's season.

Danielle Maltby


Will she be the sweetest person to ever appear on BiP? Seems like a solid bet.

Kristina Schulman


Another wonderful Season 21 alum.

Lacey Mark


Mark was sent home during the second week of Viall's season, so we the viewers didn't get to know her too well. Look forward to learning more about her on BiP.

And which guys from Rachel Lindsay’s season went to Paradise?

DeMario Jackson


There's been talk regarding whether or not Jackson returned to the show after production picked back up, but it sounds like he will still be part of the season in some capacity. Harrison confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that Jackson will be featured on the season.

Matt Munson


Well, well, well. What have we here? Another contestant who stepped out of a a limo while wearing a ridiculous costume? Terrific. *Crossing fingers he brought the penguin costume to Paradise.*

Jack Stone


May his experience on BiP be less awkward than his final date on Lindsay's season was.

Diggy Moreland


And judging from the pics, it looks like the charming Moreland brought his charming glasses to Paradise, too.

Iggy Rodriguez


Will Rodriguez be the town gossip of BiP, too? Only time will tell.

Dean Unglert


And if he didn't find love in Paradise? Don't worry, Bachelor Nation has a suggestion for him.

And finally, there is one contestant from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season.

Ben Zorn


It's ben (sorry) a minute since we last saw Ben Z. Welcome back to the fold, Zorn.

There you have it, folks. The 21 confirmed BiP Season 4 contestants. Live long and Paradise.