Alert! Danny's Ex Vicky Could Return To 'Fuller House'

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Fans of the original Full House might be wishing one more familiar face had returned to the Netflix revival of the beloved 1990s comedy. Danny Tanner, the family patriarch, began dating his temporary Wake Up San Francisco co-host, Vicky Larson, in Season 6 of the series. Though their relationship — and its ultimate demise — rocked the worlds of the show's fans, Vicky hasn't made a reappearance since Fuller House's debut. So, what happened to Vicky from Full House?

From the looks of it, the actor — Gail Edwards — who played Vicky, hasn't made a television or film appearance since the late 1990s, making it seem unlikely at first glance that she'd ever return to the show. According to her IMDB page, Edwards' final role was a one-episode stint on Touched By An Angel in 1997. Full House and Blossom were her final recurring roles on any television show, both ending in 1993. According to the actor's website, she officially retired from acting after moving to the southwest in 1994.

However, don't lose hope just yet. According to Variety, series creator Jeff Franklin said earlier this year that the show was going to revisit Danny and Vicky's relationship, though it was unclear in which capacity that would happen.

"I wasn’t there for [Danny and Vicky's breakup], that’s not my fault," Franklin said, according to the outlet. Franklin didn't continue to work on Full House through the entirety of its run, and was no longer a part of production when Danny and Vicky broke up in Season 7. It was apparently an ending to that relationship that Franklin wasn't altogether happy with — the romance came to a close when Vicky had an opportunity to move to New York for her dream job and Danny was unwilling to uproot his family from their home in San Francisco. "We’re righting some wrongs this season!" Franklin added.

If Edwards has been contacted about coming back to the show, it must have been quite a recent development. Though Edwards has been largely out of the spotlight since her departure from television, making interviews from her almost impossible to find, the actor did appear on the Fuller House Podcast in October to speak about her time working on the original series. At the time of the recording, Edwards said she had not been contacted by anyone from Fuller House about returning, but that if she ever were approached to reenter the famed San Francisco Tanner family, she "would love to." She spoke fondly of her time with Full House, and it seemed apparent that she had a good experience on the show.

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"John Stamos is as gorgeous as he appears ... and also very, very sweet," she told the podcast hosts. "Everybody was just great." Fuller House knows its audience, and it knows fans are ready to see even the smallest details from the original production come back to life in a modern way, and that includes not just props and Easter eggs, but also characters people came to adore.

Star Jodie Sweetin said in the same Variety piece that since so much time has passed since Full House's original incarnation, audiences are probably more willing to pay attention to more adult, romantic storylines. "The original show had a lot of kid-centric storylines and not as much of the romantic stuff, but now people have a 30-year history with us, and they’re more invested in following their relationships," she told the outlet.

If there was ever any time for a 1990s television star to return to mainstream entertainment, it'd likely be now. The atmosphere of nostalgia brought around by the revival of Full House has made our current culture ready to gobble up any blast from the past we can get our hands on — and Vicky's return would be a welcome addition to that.