Virginia Could Make Things Worse For Her Boss On 'Claws'


In the first episode of Claws, Desna had already really stepped in it, getting involved in drugs and money laundering. But after she and Virginia killed Roller, Desna’s ne’er do well, drug-dealing boyfriend, well, things are getting worse. It’s like The Tell-Tale Heart up in here, mostly because Desna is terrified that Virginia is going to flip on her and send her to jail. I would be worried, too, to be honest. But at the end of the June 18 episode, it seems like Virginia has a new plan of her own. Her new story could make everything much worse.

If there’s anything that I’ve learned in watching crime shows, it’s that you have to keep your lies simple. The more complicated a lie, the more chance you have to mess it up. That’s why Desna pretending not to know what happened to Roller works. Even though Uncle Daddy dances around implying that she and Virginia were involved in Roller’s death, Desna plays it as cool as she can. She says that the last she saw Roller, he was paranoid and scared. Desna also says she didn't seen Virginia.

But unfortunately for Desna, Virginia goes MIA before they can make a plan together, and Desna has to drive to the ends of the Earth (well, just to the beach) to find her and yell at her. Desna thinks she knows everything, but she discounts Virginia, for sure. Virginia has definitely seen things, things that viewers don’t know about. I guess neither does Desna. Only two hours into the entire series, Virginia barges into Roller’s funeral, bloody and beaten, telling the surprised (and it takes a lot to surprise this lot) crowd, "they said they’d burn me, too," and turning the whole series on its head. Say what?


Well, at the beginning of the episode, Desna and Virginia throw Roller’s body in his boat (along with another body, which was a pretty funny sight gag) and set it adrift and aflame. Boy, bye. By coming in with this story, Virginia doubles down on Desna’s assertion that Roller was nervous that someone was following him, trying to steal his business and livelihood. Could it be the Russians (it’s always the Russians), who constantly hang out at the clinic? It really doesn’t matter — Uncle Daddy and his cronies just need to think that Roller was being targeted by someone else.

This development shows that Virginia is a lot smarter than the rest of the women in the salon give her credit for. Hopefully now Desna and Virginia can stick to the story together. If not, it won’t take long for the whole lie to unravel.