The New ‘Fuller House’ Trailer Will Make Fans Of The Original Feel Super Old


"So many things have changed in 30 years." You can say that again, D.J. Tanner-Fuller. The Fuller House Season 3 trailer is here, and it's all about the nostalgia. As the trailer teases, it's been 30 years since Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey first moved into the Tanner household to help take care of their three nieces. It's a special anniversary and one the Netflix series definitely isn't forgetting. Even Season 3 drops on Friday, Sept. 22, aka the same exact day when Full House first premiered in 1987.

The trailer opens with D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy reminiscing about the past and reflecting on their lives today. Then, before you know it, Uncle Jesse, Uncle Joey, and Danny are all strolling through the door. What makes their entrances all the more memorable is they are wearing the same exact clothes as they did in the first episode. "It is so sweet that you guys came up here to celebrate the day we all became a family," D.J. says before Kimmy chimes in, "And you're all wearing the same outfits."

The 30-year celebration doesn't end there, because Joey and Jesse recreate their entrances from the premiere, too. Like he did in the first episode, Jesse enters wearing a blue shirt, his leather jacket, and black jeans, all while carrying his motorcycle helmet and guitar. He then declares, "Hey, hey, look alive, Uncle Jesse's here!" As for Joey, he comes in carrying a huge pile of clothes, because he obviously still doesn't own a suitcase.

To see the similarities, here is the original Full House opening:

Oh, and if you want to see the family drive around in Danny's beloved car, Bullet, like they did in the original opening, you can check that out below. Good Morning America shared the clip on Friday. D.J. exclaims in the teaser, "Oh, Mylanta, is that the same convertible?!" Why, yes, it is, D.J.

The rest of the new footage from the third season offers a look into what's to come. First, there is the D.J. and Steve situation. Yes, he is still planning on marrying C.J. and to make matters more awkward, D.J. is a bridesmaid. It also appears that Steve and C.J. might even get married in Japan. Say what now?

Even though D.J. is seen kissing Matt in the trailer, it's clear that she still has feelings for Steve, which was evident at the end of Season 2. At one point, D.J. says, "Steve is really getting married." Then, Kimmy says to her BFF, "And not to you, which is fine, if you happen to hate fairy tales and happy endings." As for Stephanie, it looks like she is still very much in love with Kimmy's brother, Jimmy. "Who would've thought that I would fall in love with Kimmy's brother?" No one, Stephanie, but their relationship actually makes sense.

There are also snippets of D.J.'s kids, Kimmy's daughter, Ramona, and even Uncle Jesse with his newly adopted daughter, Pamela. If you forgot, Becky and Jesse adopted a baby girl in the Season 2 finale and then named her after Jesse's sister and Danny's late wife. And if you thought this season would be without a dance or musical number, you'd be wrong. It sure looks like everyone (minus Matt and C.J.) put on some type of performance. Although, unfortunately, it doesn't look like New Kids on the Block will be joining this time around.

It's hard to believe that the Tanner family has been part of fans' lives for 30 years. It just doesn't seem possible, but, thankfully, Fuller House is here to help viewers celebrate the right way.