Here’s What iPhone Color You Should Get, Based On Your Sign

by Kaitlyn Wylde

For some reason, picking an iPhone color feels like locking down a non-negotiable future. Despite the fact that you know that one day you're going to get a new phone, every time you choose one, you feel like you're choosing something for life. It feels so official and so final, and you start to think about your phone color as an extension of your personality. You find yourself asking heady questions, like: what color is right for me? So instead of hemming and hawing over it, pick an iPhone color based on your zodiac sign. Because yes, without even knowing it, you'll probably end up picking the color your sign is most likely to pick anyway. And, each sign is surely likely to pick a specific color. So don't stress over it, just look to the stars.

Get that validation and go with your sign, there's no reason to hover over your shopping cart with anxiety, while the rest of the world is enjoying their shiny new iPhones. And besides, everyone knows that the color doesn't really matter, unless you get a clear cover, you'll barely ever see your phone naked. In reality, your phone cover is just a little secret that only you know. So don't pick an iPhone color to order for anyone but yourself.



You love bold, bright and different. So listen to thank hankering for the rose gold phone — you want it because it's unique and looks more like a toy than a phone.



You love to stick to what's tried and true, and your favorite model of anything is the original. You're just attached to things that feel basic in an authentic way. You should get the silver phone, as that is considered the standard color.



If anyone is fit for the jet black phone, it's you, Gemini. You have an incredibly dynamic personality, and the combination of midnight black with a mirror-like finish is just perfectly dynamic for you. You'll love the extreme look of this phone and never get bored with its chic appearance.



Cancers are sensitive and have a tendency to keep the flairs of their personality in. So go for the basic black phone — it's reliable, as it will match everything, and it doesn't call too much attention to yourself, just as you'd prefer.



All that glitters is gold for the Leo, and boy do Leos like gold. Obviously you're going to get the gold phone. You'll probably also get a gold cover and immediately download the Kira Kira sparkle app. It's just who you are, celebrate your glow.



The black phone is professional-looking, and anything but showy. Virgos like to be taken seriously, so a fun phone color is probably going to bring them more anxiety than pleasure. So stick with the black, you know you want to.



Libras need to feel balanced. So they're attracted to shiny, but insistent upon professional. So go for the silver phone, it's got a bit of sparkle, but is also the flagship color so it exudes class as well.



Scorpios are most attracted to the jet black phone. It's intense and sophisticated and very mature-looking. Scorpios love anything that looks sleek and sharp, and this is definitely the best option.



You're spontaneous and adventurous and love anything that makes you feel free and fun. Go for the rose gold, it's the most appealing color to you, so don't deny yourself of that pinkish sparkle.



Capricorns like to go for the gold, they're extremely driven and probably have a big soft spot for the color that trophies are made of. Capricorns are also not that interested in the opinions of others, so they might not read this, but trust me, they're getting a gold phone.



The rose gold phone fascinates you. It reminds you of your childhood, it reminds you of current trends, and it makes a serious phone look like a lot of fun. For this reason, you'll chose this color and feel happy every time you pick up your phone.



You prefer space gray to black because it's slightly more flat than the black and that appeals to you. You like things to be simple and traditional, but anything too sharp just doesn't feel right. The slightly faded look to this color is just perfect for your tastes.