Here's What Ashley From 'Southern Charm' Is Doing One Year After Leaving Charleston

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Paul Cheney/Bravo

It's been about a year since Southern Charm's Ashley Jacobs announced she was leaving Charleston, and she appears to be doing great. According to Bravo, she's now working as a nurse at a California nursing facility. And she even has a new man in her life: in December 2019, Ashley revealed she's dating Mike Appel. "I'm so happy," she told Us Weekly. "It's weird having something so healthy. It feels too good to be true, but I think [that's] how most things are to be honest with you."

Per Bravo, Appel is a Brand Allies and Chief Matching Officer at an underwear company called Related Garments (he founded the company with his brother back in 2015, per Women’s Wear Daily). He and Ashley are still going strong today: she recently posted on Instagram that Appel had met her family. "Momma + nephew + boyfriend = happiness," she wrote, according to Bravo.

That being said, Ashley is still recovering from her relationship with ex Thomas Ravenel, who left Southern Charm after five seasons following allegations of sexual assault. (Ravenel denied the accusations through his attorney, but later pled guilty to third-degree assault and battery; he and Ashley split in August 2018). "I still live in those moments even with my current boyfriend," Ashley told Us Weekly. "It's like, I don't call him back right away and I'm like, 'Oh my God, is he gonna pick up my phone call? Is he gonna be mad?' And he's not and I'm like, 'I have to re-train my brain, you know, this is healthy! That's what it's supposed to be!'"

Still, Ashley is eager to put the past behind her, and told Entertainment Tonight that she'd like to have children soon. "I hope that is what's next for me, with my own family and the right person, and someone who's never watched Southern Charm, or even heard of it," she said in mid-2019, before announcing her relationship with Appel. Hopefully he's not a reality TV fan.

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