What Is Astrid's Job? This 'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Has A Lot Of Skills

Paul Hebert/ABC

The happiest couples in Paradise are often the most boring to watch, and that has mostly been true for Astrid and Kevin, one of the most solid couples on the show and a couple that has, for the most part, gotten very little screen time. People know a fair amount about Kevin, who recently dated Ashley Iaconnetti on Winter Games, but Astrid has been mostly off the radar since appearing on Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor. Her cool and confident demeanor has made her a fan favorite, and Bachelor Nation is clamoring to know more about the other half of Paradise's most stable couple. So what is Astrid's job, and what else can we learn about what her life is like when the cameras stop rolling?

According to Earn The Necklace (and a little LinkedIn snooping) Astrid is the office manager and patient care coordinator for Soler Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Tampa, Florida. That means she helps out with preparing patients for surgery, a job that she seems totally well suited for her after watching her help some of the other women in Paradise navigate through their drama and heartbreak. And before she was ever a reality star, Astrid got her degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, proving that not everyone who appears on a Bachelor franchise show is just a social media influencer looking for more followers (looking at you, Robby).

Judging by Astrid's Instagram, when she's not working, she's often hanging out with other Bachelor Nation pals. She's posted a ton of pics of her and her best Bachelor buds, which seem to include Rachel, Raven, Kristina, and Alexis Waters, among a whole bunch of others. Honestly, it seems like there are fewer Bachelor alums who aren't in her inner circle than ones that are. Clearly Astrid is a really popular gal.

That same magnetic energy that must make Astrid so good as a patient care coordinator, and so popular among Bachelor alums, is what drew Kevin to her early on in Paradise. Though the couple has been one of the steadiest on the show so far (with many speculating they might end up engaged at the end of this) last week they had a bit of a rough patch that had fans worried about the future of their relationship.

Feeling insecure about how well everything had been going with Astrid so far, Kevin told her that he wanted her to go on a date with another guy in Paradise, so that she can be totally sure she only wants to be with Kevin. Dude, what more proof do you need than the fact that she doesn't want to go on another date? When Astrid tried to explain that very fact to him, Kevin didn't really seem to be hearing her, causing her to leave in tears.

Luckily, Kevin quickly realized that he was just being insecure, and apologized. The couple now seems stronger than ever, and there's a real possibility that the pair leave Paradise engaged.

But even if things between Kevin and Astrid don't work out, at least Astrid has a solid career to return to, and great friends with lots of shoulders to cry on. That's more than can be said for a lot of Bachelor Nation members... still looking at you, Robby.