What's Robby Hayes Doing Now? The Former 'Bachelorette' Star Says He's Single & Thriving


Although he was dumped on national television, Robby Hayes is on the rebound and living his best life. The runner-up of JoJo Fletcher's Bachelorette season and I caught up Monday night at Hollywood Park Casino's Bachelor season finale viewing party — talking business ventures, love life status, and of course, Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers. While Fletcher and Rodgers continue their happily ever after since getting engaged last August, Hayes is optimistically pursuing his own path, in both work and love.

The 28-year-old says he's having a ball with every opportunity the show has given him. "Life’s awesome," he says with a smile. "I travel a lot... I get a job offer or two a week," he explains. "Radio show hosting, real estate, finance, all different stuff." One opportunity after the next led Hayes to Denver, where he says he's able to better take advantage of it all.

Although he's still on the hunt for love, Hayes still lets his passion for business take the driver's seat. "I’m invested and on the board of a few startups, which is a lot fun watching companies grow," he says. After starting his own investment firm with one of his fraternity brothers, he's also dabbling in property flipping and of course, appearances, campaigns, and social media obligations from The Bachelor franchise. Hayes still rides the ABC show's wave, but he's let go of the heartbreak from it.

"Obviously, I was in love with JoJo and I want her to be happy. And if that’s with Jordan? I'm sh*t out of luck, that’s fine," he says. Although he and Rodgers stayed in touch at first, he admits he never heard from the Season 12 winner once the finale aired. Now, he doesn't reach out to either of them. "That’s kind of by my choice, kind of by their choice," he explains. "I never intended on keeping in touch with JoJo, I respect her and I respect Jordan and I respect their relationship. I care about them both a lot."

Although he cares about the couple, he reveals that bumping into them from time to time can definitely get awkward. "We’re friendly," he says. "I enjoy seeing them together and happy. But the conversations are very surface-level. They don’t get very deep because things get awkward. So it’s like, ‘Hey, how’s work? Cool, bye,'" he says while laughing. "And that’s about it."

Recently, he's had some fun with a handful of the contestants from Nick Viall's season after meeting them at the Women Tell All and then hanging at the Bungalow in LA. He fancies a few of the girls in particular, saying, "Sarah is awesome, Danielle is beautiful, Kristina is so much fun." Still, he says he'd have to spend more time and get to know them better to pursue anything. But for now, he's riding rolo.

"I’m not seeing anyone," he says. His busy schedule is partially to blame. "I’ve met a bunch of great girls, a few that I’ve thought about pursuing, and attempted to — but with my travel schedule and long distance, it’s not ideal," he says. Once the chaos settles, Hayes looks forward to being stable enough to meet that special someone. "I’ll be able to settle down and stay in one place and find that girl," he says.

Regardless of his busy schedule, Hayes won't deny finding someone to spend his life with remains a priority. "100 percent. People are like, ‘Are you too busy?’ I’m not too busy," he explains. "If something fell in my lap, I would not turn it down. Trust me." Props to Hayes for getting the best out of life in the meantime.