Heather's 'Bachelor' Job Title Is "Never Been Kissed," But Here's What She Really Does

ABC/Craig Sjodin

During each season of The Bachelor, there are always a few contestants whose listed job titles are, well, not real: "social media participant," "tickle monster," "whaboom," you know the drill. One such woman on Colton Underwood's season is Heather, a 22-year-old from San Diego whose occupation is listed as "Never Been Kissed." This is obviously her storyline — the unlucky-in-love girl vying for her very first smooch — but what is Bachelor contestant Heather's actual job?

"Heather is a Southern California girl through and through," her ABC bio reads. "She's a thrill-seeker who enjoys bungee jumping, skydiving, and river-rafting. But out of all the thrilling things Heather's done, there's still one thrill she's yet to experience — she's never kissed a boy!" Her energetic, active lifestyle seems like a perfect fit for Colton, who's a former NFL player, but what she actually does is, at least at first, a bit of a mystery. On Instagram, she posted a clip from The Bachelor with a caption that promises she does have a real job. "Tune in to ABC Jan. 7th to watch me voluntarily embarrass myself on national television #ihaveajob#iswear #helpmeashleyi#oneuppedcolton," she wrote.

And all it takes is a quick glance at her LinkedIn to figure out what it is. Heather's page reveals that she attended Biola University — a Christian liberal arts school in La Mirada, California — where she studied marketing. Also per LinkedIn, she graduated in 2017 and is now an Assistant Program Manager at a company called Aethercomm. Before getting her current position, Heather held the title of Assistant to Chief Operations Officer at the same company, and prior to that, Marketing Research Consultant at Women's Pregnancy Care Clinic. Other than that, however, there isn't much information about her professional life — she's just starting out, after all.

As for other fun facts about Heather, her ABC bio says that "if she could have any job in the world, she'd be a food critic." So who knows — maybe she'll make a career switch from program managing to culinary expert one day. After all, she posted on her Instagram in May 2016 that she bakes "a mad spinach quiche."

Career aspirations aside, the Bachelor contestant is close with her family, and is often posting Instagram photos with her sister, Colie Martin. Which leads us to a little Bachelor-verse nugget that Reality Steve pointed out last September: Heather and Colton have already met! The reality TV expert referenced a post from Colie's Instagram, in which her sister Heather and the bachelor-to-be apparently ran into each at Mavericks Beach Club in San Diego. "Virgins all around #virginlivesmatter#jointhecolt#coltonforbachelor#pickheather," her caption read in part.

It remains to be seen if Heather and the bachelor himself will hit it off, but even if Heather doesn't get the final rose, it's bound to be an exciting season. And perhaps we'll even get to see the former football player give Heather her very first smooch. But if not, that's entirely her prerogative.