What Is BECCA Cosmetics' Snapchat? The Brand's Account Is Filled With Awesome Info

BECCA Cosmetics

While following your favorite makeup brands on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook can keep you relatively up-to-date on products, devoted fans know that some of the best insider content comes from a makeup brands' Snapchat.

Following a cosmetic brand on Snapchat can skyrocket your beauty IQ, since you can see such a variety of less staged content. You'll also catch demos, release parties like BECCA Cosmetics' "Unlock The Light," exclusive giveaways and more. BECCA Cosmetics' is especially good about using Snapchat to let their fans know what is happening on other social media, like live-streams on Facebook.

On Jan. 11, BECCA Cosmetics' Snapchat story featured an inside discussion of their new product, the "soft light blurring powder," and a look into their ritzy "Unlock The Light" party for their new light-blurring and priming products. While you can get an idea of these products from their Instagram, it's usually a staged flat-lay of the makeup. BECCA Cosmetics' Snapchat is where you can see real people talking about the products and engaging with them.

So, where can you find them? Adding them is easy, just go to your "Add Friends" section and type BECCACosmetics, then hit the add button. Here are three reasons to connect with them on Snapchat.

1. Get Insider Access

beccacosmetics on Instagram

We all wish we could be at every glam product release party, and with Snapchat it's almost like you can. When BECCA Cosmetics posts updates during a release party it makes you feel like you're there.

2. Snapchat Exclusive Content

beccacosmetics on Instagram

BECCA Cosmetics' Facebook page says that they release Snapchat exclusive sneak peaks. If you aren't following them on Snapchat, you might be missing out on some early information you can get on their other social media platforms.

3. Get An Unfiltered View

beccacosmetics on Instagram

Photos on Instagram can have so many filters and edits (we all do it....) that it can be hard to tell what the product will look like in real life. The benefit of following BECCA Cosmetics' Snapchat is that you're seeing the makeup how it will actually look, because lets be honest, it's pretty obvious when there's a filter on Snapchat.

Following BECCA on Instagram is one thing, but if you're a true BECCA loyalist, subscribing to their Snapchat is a must. You never know what you'll learn there — but at least you know it's going to be good.