Why Becca Is Super Committed To Going Back To Her “Normal” Job After ‘The Bachelorette’

ABC/Craig Sjodin

At this point, it's pretty much expected for Bachelor and Bachelorette alums to become professional Instagram posters and reality TV stars for a living, leaving their "normal" lives behind. In contrast, Becca Kufrin is adamant about keeping her job and maintaining the life she had before reality TV after filming her own season of The Bachelorette.

In an interview with Us Weekly published on May 18, Becca explained, "At the end of the day too, I love my career and I love having the drive to wake up and go to work every day. So I still always want that."

For anyone who doesn't know, Becca's contestant bio from Season 22 of The Bachelor, described her as a publicist who lived in Minnesota. And now, Becca's made it clear that she doesn't want to leave her career behind just because she is the lead on her own season of The Bachelorette.

She told Us Weekly, "I still want to try to get back to my life as normal as possible and eventually start a family, have children and have a career, have my partner have his own career, everything. I don’t want this to change me too much. I still want to be the same old Becca that I was at the beginning."

Even though reality TV dating is the main part of her public persona, there is a lot more to who Becca is as a person and a career woman. Her Bachelor contestant bio didn't elaborate on her life as a publicist, but Becca does have a LinkedIn page that gives fans some more information.

According to her LinkedIn, the Bachelorette star has been working as an Account Executive at Skyya Communications since September 2012. The Skyya Communications website describes the company as "an award-winning, full-service PR and strategic marketing communications agency."

As far as Becca's specific role goes, she shared an explanation in the summary section of her LinkedIn: "I build and maintain standing relationships with consumer, lifestyle, business, travel, broadcast and niche press, and have secured media placement on behalf of my clients in a number of top-tier outlets." A lot of those media outlets that Becca has worked with are very recognizable names, including theWall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, CNBC, USA Today, Martha Stewart Living, Men's Health, and Fox News.

And it seems like Skyya Communications is an enjoyable company to work for outside of the daily duties of the job. The company's Instagram page shared a photo of Becca and some coworkers spending a Friday afternoon at a brewery in July 2017. That sounds like one good reason to stick with the job. Work hard. Play hard.

Skyya shared another photo of Becca cooking up some chicken and rice while she was on the job back in March 2017. That's definitely not something that all publicists get to do during the work week.

Even before Becca appeared on reality TV, she was living a well-rounded life. She was working hard and still enjoying herself, even on the job. Nevertheless, Becca is well-aware that being the Bachelorette will give her opportunities that she wouldn't have otherwise and she doesn't want to pass those up.

She told Us Weekly, "I want to have my career, but I also want to take time to travel and explore the world and take part in these great opportunities." That makes perfect sense. Who could blame her for wanting to make the most out of this era of her life? Anyone else would want to do the same.

Becca wants to capitalize on being the Bachelorette, while still securing a "normal" future as a publicist. She said, "I feel really lucky to have been given this chance. Yes, it’s abnormal. It’s crazy. It took me away from normal life, but it’s also exciting. I want to have a nice balance of both."

It seems like Becca really has a good head on her shoulders. She recognizes that she can get a lot out of being the Bachelorette, but she is also thinking beyond the immediate fun that comes with that role. Reality TV perks won't last forever, so it makes sense that Becca would want to stick with her pre-TV job because of the stability it can provide. Not only that, but her job does seem to have some fun aspects to it. Becca's insistence on maintaining her normal life, makes her an even more relatable Bachelorette — minus the reality TV fame.