Sandra Oh Has Done So Much Since 'Grey's Anatomy' & Cristina Yang Would Be Proud

by Hannah Shapiro

Sandra Oh's character on Grey's Anatomy, Christina Yang, was so beloved she got what few characters on the show get: A happy ending. When it was announced that Oh would be leaving the show, fans worried about the fate of Yang, as many departing characters face gruesome ends. Everyone was pleasantly surprised when Yang got to be a heart surgeon in Zurich, peaking professionally in a hospital with funding and opportunity. Oh was able to leave Grey's Anatomy with story lines wrapped up and an open future ahead of her. So, what is Sandra Oh doing after Grey's Anatomy? The actor is busy with new, exciting projects.

Oh was a staple of Grey's Anatomy from 2005 to 2014: Yang's friendship with title character Meredith Grey was the heart of the show and Yang herself was a complex and developed character. Moving on from that role couldn't have been easy, though Oh has proven she has the acting chops to build a career past her time on Grey's Anatomy. Oh has worked consistently since leaving the hospital drama and her projects have only increased of late. Let's take a look at just some of what the actor has been working on since leaving her scrubs at home.

Killing Eve (2018) (TV)

Oh has landed her first series regular role since Grey's Anatomy with the BBC drama Killing Eve, set to premiere in 2018, as reported by Deadline. The drama will be eight episodes and the creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge is also responsible for successful series like Fleabag and Crashing. The story follows "two fiercely intelligent women – a psychopathic assassin and the woman charged with hunting her down" and Oh will play the woman hunting the killer down.

American Crime (2017) (TV)

While Killing Eve will be her first series regular role on TV since Grey's Anatomy, she took on a large guest star role in Season 3 of American Crime. It marked her return to ABC and she starred in multiple episodes of the drama. Oh has always been a gripping dramatic actress and surely fit right into the series.

Meditation Park (2017) (Film)

Meditation Park is the story of an immigrant wife who finds her footing after discovering that her husband is cheating on her, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Oh played the woman's daughter and helped her mother discover her independence, and the world. This indie film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and TIFF boasted about Oh's performance.

Catfight (2017) (Film)

Catfight was another film project Oh took on, this time showcasing her comedic chops. The trailer blends comedy and drama, a combo that Oh often showcases in her acting endeavors. On Grey's Anatomy, Oh demonstrated the ability to weave between drama and comedy with ease and seems to do it again in this film.

Office Hour (2016) (Theater)

The LA Times reported on Oh's two week run in the play Office Hour, inspired by the Virginia Tech shooting. Oh played a teacher who reaches out to a student whom others see as "strange and scary."

It's hard to report on everything Oh's been up to because there has been so much even beyond what's been listed here. Oh voiced a character in the animated film Window Horses (2017), played a role in the film Tammy (2014), was a part of the web series Sh*tty Boyfriends (2015) and even recently met Justin Trudeau. The actor is more than a little busy but we can still hope for a Yang cameo on Grey's Anatomy before it ends, right? It may be wishful thinking, but that's what being a fan is all about.