Farrah Moan Opens Up About 'RuPaul's Drag Race'

With a shady reading challenge and a tricky comedy roast to contend with, Friday night's episode of RuPaul's Drag Race took the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent of every queen to task. Even when it came time for Farrah Moan's elimination after a difficult comedy routine and a lip sync battle against Alexis Michelle, it was clear that the retro glam wonder still had plenty to share with the world. In fact, during an email interview with Bustle, she reveals that she's hoping to release a "perfume or highlighter line," and that's far from her only goal for her future after RuPaul's Drag Race.

"[The show] greatly improved my drag and my performance. I’ve learned that I’m capable of so much more than I knew," she muses. "But, for now, I’m going to take things in stride, plant my seeds where I can, and keep on doing my thing."

This is a particularly inspiring statement from the 23-year-old performer, who didn't seem to be the most confident during the entire course of the show. In fact, just prior to being sent home at the end of Friday night's episode, Michelle Visage commented that Farrah's problem may be that she simply doesn't know herself yet. And Farrah doesn't entirely disagree with that assessment.

"I think I was a little young and it was too early in my career to go on the show. I see where [Visage was] coming from," says Farrah in response. "Since then, I’ve evolved and matured. I got stuck in my head and was indecisive. It’s challenging to be in the show setting and be your best. I obviously have grown since then and would approach differently."

Still, Visage's comments definitely seemed to be an accurate appraisal of why Farrah, who consistently brought a stunning throwback aesthetic to the runway, wasn't quite embodying the same character she was delivering with her looks. In the Snatch Game, for example, her performance as YouTube personality GiGi Gorgeous failed to impress the judges, while her at times savage set of jokes during Visage's comedy roast was at odds with the pin-up allure of her aesthetic. It was here, once again, that the judges were disappointed to see the contestant not altogether giving them what her overall look seems to tease at.

Farrah recalls that she "was just thinking, 'Oh! Well, that didn’t work!'"during her awkward comedy set at the roast. And, honestly, that response has all the cute, blasé charm of a bombshell like Jayne Mansfield. Clearly, the persona is there in Farrah, even if the uncomfortable pressure of being a comedian interfered with her presentation of it. "I think my own inexperience with comedy led to me choking on stage," Farrah adds. "I just wanted to get through it so it was over. It was definitely a difficult experience."

During the reading challenge at the start of the episode, it seemed obvious that Farrah's sweet nature was perhaps at odds with the sort of comedy that was expected of her. When Alexis revealed to the workroom that she didn't appreciate the contestant's style of joke due to her struggling with body image, Farrah seemed to be genuinely upset about it. However, she has mixed feelings about whether she was in the wrong or not.

"Looking back, it’s what we were told to do and I think Alexis should have known there were no hard feelings. It’s the challenge," Farrah says. "I could have thought a lot harder and picked something else to make a joke about. It just struck a chord and I get that. I’m not a comedian, so I’m not sure how far is too far. But I’m not the one to put people down."

Clearly, she learned a lot on RuPaul's Drag Race, and, moving forward it'll be exciting to see how she progresses and what she'll do next. Her jokes might have failed this week, but I have a feeling that this bombshell will be lit in all the right ways no matter what she has planned for us in the future.