This New App Combines Mindfulness & Sexuality To Help You Put Your Pleasure First

Guille Faingold/Stocksy

Sex is a pretty complex thing. However you enjoy it, whoever you’re with, each experience is different and there is no one universal formula to creating an epic sexual encounter. When you have experienced sexual discomfort or trauma in the past it can also be really difficult to put yourself in the mind-set that each sexual encounter is going to be positive. But one app is aims to change that. What is Ferly? The new app wants to get people talking about sex, feel empowered to speak about their own pleasure, and explore their relationship with sex more. Ferly will create a community of female-identifying individuals to lift the lid on female sexuality and get us feeling more confident talking about what goes on between the sheets.

Ferly is an audio guide which brings together sessions, workshops, quizzes, reflections, and sexy stories all together on one app to help you explore and understand how you feel about sex not just what you know about the ins and outs of it and how you have it. Their website reads, “this is not about great sex. It’ll never be about great sex. This is about you putting words to the shape of your pleasure, to acknowledge that it’s a strange, wondrous, and ever-changing thing. To develop an inner confidence that transforms your most important relationship—the one you have with yourself.” Get me signed up immediately.

A study conducted by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the University of Glasgow, and University College London found that an estimated one in thirteen women report pain during sex. The Ferly website stated that 51 percent of female-identifying individuals in the UK aged 16-64 experience pain, anxiety, and discomfort while having sex. This is so shockingly high but probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to many people. Ferly believes that a massive roadblock to you truly enjoying pleasure and getting lost in the moment is the stigma that is still attached to sexuality.

Founders Dr Anna Hushlak and Billie Quinlan have combined sex positive practices with science and self-love teachings making Ferly completely accessible, really empowering, and informative. I guarantee you will come away from using this app having learnt something new about yourself.

In a statement sent to Bustle they said, “socially we have been conditioned to view our sexuality through a masculine lens, have not been educated on what pleasure really means to us, and have been forced to turn to alternatives such as porn and misrepresentative sex in the media.”

Having already raised £500,000, Ferly will go live in the app story in June 2019. With the aim of combining mindfulness and sexuality this may be the perfect way to feel truly connected and in control of your sex life. If you have ever wondered whether you are normal (spoiler alert: there is no such thing), how to put your pleasure first, or how a particular relationship may have affected you in the long term then Ferly is the online community for you.