Jay Gatsby Inspired The Latest Dating Trend

by Kerri Jarema
Warner Bros. Pictures

Ah, the weird and wonderful world of social media. With our favorite apps so much a part of how we communicate with each other, we've had to come up with special terms to describe much of what we do from Twitter to Instagram. If you're trying to hook up with someone you slide into their DMs. If you're talking about someone behind their back, but also sort of right in front of their face, you're tweeting subs or sub-tweeting. If you suddenly stop talking to someone on social media altogether, you're ghosting them. The list of peculiar social media-sims goes on and on.

And now, we've added a new, decidedly literary one, thanks to Reddit user CupcakeWarrior and this post. Seriously, it will probably both blow your mind and make you laugh out loud in recognition.

It reads: "Posting a Snapchat to your story and then waiting for that one specific person to watch it, is the modern day equivalent of Gatsby throwing elaborate parties seeking Daisy's attention."

That's right, we're talking all about "Gatsbying" or the very particular ways we try to get attention from our crushes on social media. We've all been guilty of snapping a particularly alluring selfie or posting a Snap we know will make our crushes laugh.

Though there's nothing wrong with a little intentional social media action, it does seem worth mentioning that Gatsby's story is a tragic one, and written entirely so that we don't romanticize unrequited love. But, hey, maybe if he was working with Snap filters instead of that green light, things might have turned out a little differently...