Glossier Play Was FINALLY Revealed & It's Totally Not What You Expected From Glossier

Courtesy of Glossier

Glossier is one of the internet's favorite minimalist beauty brands. The company launched in 2014 with a laser-sharp focus on modern essentials and a commitment to effective, simple, and quality products that allow users to create low-key glam looks. Now, Glossier has launched Glossier Play, a spinoff of the brand that is is more playful and a lot less minimal. The colors pop and they're loaded with glitter, shimmer, and shine. It's not what you were expecting, but it slays.

According to the press release, Glossier Play has been in development for two years and finally arrives with four products in a total of 28 shades and two tools. There's eyeliner, lip lacquer, highlighter, glitter gel, a sharpener, and an applicator. Yes, Glossier is doing glitter.

Any Glossier faithful will recall that the brand originally kicked off with only four products. The cycle is repeating in a whole new and gorgeous way. Glossier quickly built a fiercely loyal fanbase, which will undoubtedly be thrilled about this new selection of cosmetics.

Glossier's ethos, core values, and mantra of "skin first, makeup second" remain unchanged with the launch of Glossier Play. These cruelty-free products offer a bold and beautiful boost to your beauty routine, thanks to adventurous colors and formulas. Ultimately, Glossier is giving its fans more options to express themselves.

Courtesy of Glossier

Glossier Play is like Glossier's edgy younger sibling or BFF. All of the items are currently available for individual purchase, but you can totally mix-and-match and create your own "Glossier Playground," which is a bundle. For just $60, you get one of each product, plus both tools, all the while saving $15.

According to press materials received by Bustle, more colors, more textures, more products, and ultimately more tools with which to express yourself are coming soon. This is just the beginning.

Courtesy of Glossier

The key details of the new product assortment are below. Whip out your wallet because you're going to want to start shopping stat.

1. Colorslide Technogel Eye Pencil

Colorslide is a highly pigmented gel eyeliner pencil that's built to last for at least 12 hours. It will take you from your desk to drinks at happy hour. You can use it along the lash line or waterline and it won't budge. The color payoff is primo and the formula won't skip, smudge, tug, or crease.

Colorslide comes in 14 matte and metallic shades from mossy green to red wine to eggshell blue to dark magenta to gunmetal gray to deep indigo and then some.

2. Vinylic Lip High Shine Lacquer

If you are in search of a super shiny yet non-sticky lip gloss that glides across your pout, you've found your Holy Grail with Vinylic Lip. The megawatt lacquer is packaged in an easy-to-apply click pen so you can swipe it across your pucker and go with no fuss or muss. Vinylic is available in six shades, ranging from dark taupe to siren red to brilliant orange and more.

3. Glitter Gelée Multigrade Paillettes

It's glitter with ease. Glitter Gelée is a one-step product that adds a jeweled effect to skin. Glossier does not recommend using on or near lips. However, you can dab it with your fingers on other spots in which you desire a little glimmer and gleam.

Glitter Gelée is offered in four shades. You have options, such as Bijou Bijou (metallic gunmetal with platinum flecks) or Phantasm (opalescent with holographic specks), among others. Another bonus tip from the brand: Use the new Milky Oil makeup remover to take it off.

4. Niteshine Highlighter Concentrate

Leave it to Glossier to drop a next level liquid highlighter with Niteshine. It's buildable and illuminates skin with a pearly sheen. It will melt into skin and can be dabbed on the cheekbones, brow bones, Cupid’s bow, and eyelids with fingers or the applicator for a wash of color and glow. There are four Niteshine shades so you can get bronzed, golden, pink, or opalescent lids and beyond.

5. Blade Sharpener

Blade doesn't simply sharpen your eyeliner tip. It also catches pencil shavings so you can sharpen sans the mess. It's sold with a cleaning stick that removes any residue and remnants of the color you sharpened previously.

6. The Detailer

The Detailer means business. It was specifically engineered to be used with Glitter Gelée. If you buy them together, the duo will cost you $16. It's a smart investment, since The Detailer helps spread and apply that product more precisely.

Courtesy of Glossier

Glossier Play is a lively collection of cosmetics that will allow you to indulge your love of color, glitter, and shine. You're going to want to add every product to your daily beauty routine. Glossier Play is that next level.