Instagram Stories Is Testing A New Feature That’s The Closest Thing To A Regram Option Yet

Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Ever-evolving Instagram is reportedly working on a new feature that could take your regramming to the next level. According to TechCrunch, Instagram Stories is testing a post resharing option feature that will allow users to share other users' posts on their stories. Based off the previews from users who have the feature, it seems if this feature moves out of the testing phase, re-shared posts could soon show the original content quoted below — similar to retweets on Twitter. A TechCrunch reader sent screenshots of the new feature to the site, and the news outlet reported that Instagram confirmed that it is indeed testing this new technology among a subset of users. "We’re always testing ways to make it easier to share any moment with friends on Instagram," a representative for the social media app told TechCrunch.

This is pretty exciting news, because it's the closest Instagram has come to even testing a regram button in the app. Currently, you either have to screenshot a post or story, or use a regramming app. With an Instagram stories screenshot alert also being tested — which means that the story owner could eventually be notified if you screenshot their content — this method is less than ideal. When my regramming apps have failed me I often turn to screenshots, though I am becoming more wary of this because I don't want to look like a social-media stalker. While it's not clear if IG Stories will be able to be re-shared, this new feature could eventually put your regramming fears to rest.

TechCrunch explained how the testing feature works: "You pick any public, permanent Instagram post and tap a button to embed it in your story. You can tap to change the design to highlight or downplay the post’s author, move and resize it within your story post, and add commentary or imagery using Instagram’s creative tools," Josh Constine reported. "When people view the story, they can tap on the post embed to bring up a 'see post' button which opens the permanent feed post."

If you turn to Instagram to get out of land of public Twitter retweeting, you can reportedly disable the re-sharing feature so your IG posts can't be quoted by others in a story. However, for people who love retweeting, this new option would make it a whole lot easier to re-share Instagram content, which means people are going to be way more likely to do it. Re-sharing Instagram posts has long been a desired feature among users, but according to an interview with Wired, CEO Kevin Systrom noted that Instagram not having a re-sharing option was a deliberate decision, though all of that could soon be changing.

"We debate the re-share thing a lot. Because obviously people love the idea of re-sharing content that they find. Instagram is full of awesome stuff. In fact, one of the main ways people communicate over Instagram Direct now is actually they share content that they find on Instagram," Systrom explained in a Q&A with Wired reporter Nicholas Thompson in August. "So that's been a debate over and over again. But really that decision is about keeping your feed focused on the people you know rather than the people you know finding other stuff for you to see."

TBH, I direct message Instagram posts to my friends all day. While it's true that Instagram can be a respite from the open battle grounds of Twitter, the re-sharing feature can only make IG better, especially because it will reportedly allow you to opt out of having your posts quoted. Basically it just gives you more choices.

In fact, so many people want to repost, and are weary of taking screenshots, that there is even a Reddit thread dedicated to complaining about the current reposting app options, which can be a little buggy. There's also a ton of articles explaining how to repost on Instagram for tech-challenged people who clearly have major FOMO over not being able to repost. Well my friendlies, it looks like Instagram may soon be giving us everything we want and deserve by making re-sharing IG posts in stories super easy.