Here’s How To Use New Animated Emojis In Your Instagram Story Polls

by Alli Hoff Kosik

There are big conversations going on these days about the importance of authenticity in social media, but the truth is, plenty of us engage with these platforms not only to express ourselves but to also develop relationships and have conversations that might not otherwise happen off-screen. Many of Instagram's periodic updates are intended to deepen these aspects of the social media experience — and the latest one is no exception. So, what is Instagram's emoji slider poll? I can give you the details, but let me just spoil it for you a little up-front: you're going to dig it.

On May 10, Instagram announced the rollout of the new emoji slider poll feature, which will allow users everywhere to ask and answer polls on IG stories using animated emojis. Prior to the introduction of the emoji slider poll, 'grammers were able to include poll stickers as part of their Instagram stories — post a picture of a questionable pair of shoes to your story, for example, and prompt followers to tap "buy!" or "run away!" Technology at work, people.

"Polling has been huge for the Instagram community," an Instagram rep tells Bustle. "We're excited to give users another way to interact, now with the playfulness and expression of emojis."

The emoji slider poll feature is unique because it gives you the chance to prompt your followers with questions that need to be answered in terms of a sliding scale, like this one: "How much do you love pizza?"


You get to choose the specific emoji that other people will get to use to input their response, which means you can really tailor the overall look of the poll so it makes sense within the context of the question. If you're asking followers how much they like to dance, you can use the tango girls. If you want to know how spicy your followers like their guacamole, you might go with the chili pepper emoji instead. I think you catch my drift.

"This sounds cool," you're thinking. "I want in!"

Of course you do.

Here's how you can start using the new emoji slider poll in your own Instagram stories, now available as part of Instagram version 43:

Open Instagram Stories

The emoji slider poll is designed to work in the context of Insta stories, rather than posts to your feed. Once you're in the IG universe, swipe right with your finger to get started with adding to your story.

Take A Photo Or Video

Snap a pic or video just like you would any time you want to post to your Instagram story. Want to give your followers an up close and personal moment with your sandwich? Grab a photo. Want them to see the chaos that's ensuing around you at happy hour? That's good story material too.


Choose The Emoji Slider Sticker From The Tray

Open the sticker tray by tapping the icon in the top-right corner, then choose the emoji slider sticker. Like other stickers, you can place it anywhere you want on top of your photo or video.

Create Your Question

You'll be prompted to type in your poll question, and then to set an emoji that best matches it. A few of the most popular emoji options will populate automatically, but you can pick almost anything from your library.


Watch The Responses Roll In

Followers will be able to respond to your slider poll as soon as you post it, so check back in on your story soon! At any given time, you'll be able to see the current average of how others have responded to the poll so far.

Don't forget to be an active participant in other people's slider polls too! I mean, who wouldn't want to click and drag a pizza icon to answer a question? That's way cooler than a "yes" or "no."