Jenna From 'Bachelor In Paradise' Has A Very Impressive Career


She's probably best known as the quirky, cute blonde who cracked a pee-related joke during a hike with Arie Luyendyk Jr. on his season of The Bachelor. "I would drink my pee for Arie," she said with her best survivalist foot forward. Possibly turned off by the urine comment, Arie didn't keep Jenna Cooper around for much longer, so she wasn't able to show the world what she's really all about, including what she does for a living. But now she's coming to Paradise and fans might want to get to know her better. So what is Jenna's job? She's likely looking for someone ambitious as her own career consists of a combination of self-started endeavors, and it's pretty badass.

According to her LinkedIn profile, which admittedly hasn't been updated recently, Jenna is a social media marketing manager who is the founder of Rose Gold Club, which is an elite social club made to connect women of the Raleigh, North Carolina area and provide them with tons of community related perks, like salon discounts and gym memberships. Participants have to apply to join the club, and on the club application, Jenna describes herself as "a Marketing Manager...turned Bachelor Contestant...turned Entrepreneurial Socialite." That description also says the Rose Gold Club was created for women in her area "who are interested in developing relationships through becoming more involved in the social scene."

But that's not all. Jenna also founded Jenna Cooper Media in 2012, according to her LinkedIn page, which seems to house her social media consulting and managing services to all different types of brands and clients. Some of her clients include Cary Massage, Mixx Ice Cream, Renewal Body Contouring, and PrimeMD Aesthetics.

She also runs Instagram accounts for Raleigh Queens and The Raleigh Review. Raleigh Queens is a concept that was started by Jenna and her co-worker Angie, according to her website, and they use it as a platform to promote and discuss all things lifestyle, fashion, fitness, and beauty in the Raleigh area. The Raleigh Review is similar in that Jenna runs it, blogger style, to review more local business, but it focuses more on food and drink.

If all of this sounds a little confusing, that's because it is. Back in January, Jenna admitted that herself on Instagram. "I started my own social media marketing business, I am not just an influencer," she wrote. "And maybe I have a hard time describing what I do in life because I haven’t figured it out yet, and I’m a little lost."

However, in a more recent update, she shared that she feels like she has things a bit more figured out now, and she's excited to share more with viewers on Bachelor in Paradise. "Nothing can bring a person down quicker than hiding who they really are," she wrote on her personal Instagram. "Over the past couple years I decided to rise up, be exactly who I am, and pursue life and happiness fiercely. I have been overwhelmed with support and I’m so thankful..and now I’m so excited to share all the sides of me with all of you. The parts I’m proud of, and the parts I’m still working on." Who knows, maybe she'll get some more career inspiration in Paradise.