Jenna Is The Goofy 'Bachelor' Contestant We All Need


There are always women on The Bachelor (producers: Fallon Jethroe, Nikki Lazaran) who put the quirk back in quirky and add a unique flavor to the show. This season on The Bachelor, Jenna Cooper seems like she will bring laughter to the often serious journey to find love. Arie Luyendyk Jr. is racing around with a fantastic group of women, so it takes a little something extra to stand out. So far, Jenna has managed to pop on television, even surrounded by an eclectic, impressive group of ladies. And, her social media reveals an equally ambitious, goofy lady who should be a fun one to watch.

We're one episode into this season, and Jenna has already given Arie a foot message while chattering so fast that the Bachelor couldn't keep up. The great thing about Jenna is she seems in on the joke, or at least like she has the ability to make fun of herself. There have been many goofy Bachelor ladies over the seasons: Ashley Salter (The Bachelor, Season 19) searched for onions around the mansion; Mackenzie Deonigi (The Bachelor, Season 19) loved aliens; and Mandi Kremer (The Bachelor, Season 20) arrived wearing a giant rose on her head. It's time for another goofy Bachelor contestant. Let's dive into Jenna's social media to learn more about this funny lady.

She Can Laugh At Herself

The key to surviving as a reality show contestant is the ability to take it all with a grain of salt, or a whole handful of salt. Jenna reposted a fan's snapshot of the show and added the commentary, "When you find out you’re an actual crazy person. #WhoKnew #LetsExploreOurSenses #ImJennaAndILikeFeet #YoureWelcomeForTheAnxiety #Yikes." This tongue and cheek caption perfectly pokes fun at herself. If she can keep up this attitude throughout her time on the show, she may be able to enjoy the experience whether or not she ends up with Arie.

She's Pro-Slime

She's posted multiple Instagrams of her favorite slime account petunia_slimes. In one post she called herself "obsessed" with the slime account. This pretty much lines up perfectly with her quirky persona.

Fitness Is Her Jam

Jenna's Bachelor ABC bio lists her as a "social media manager," though her other passion is clearly fitness. Her official Instagram name is Jennacooperfit and she often posts photos and videos of her working out.

She's A Big Sister

Jenna appears to be close with her family, posting the above Instagram with the caption, "Christmas Eve Fun🎄😜☃I love being home with my family." The family member in the photo is her sister Peyten, whom she also wished a happy birthday to in October. They even match here! How cute.

She Has Big Goals

Like many people who go on The Bachelor, it's likely that her goal isn't just to fall in love. That's not saying she's there for the "wrong reasons," just that building a brand is another plus to being on national television. Jenna posted the above Instagram over a year ago, highlighting that she has a variety of goals in addition to finding someone. Jenna's well on her way to building "an empire," especially with the heightened platform she now has.

She's A Pro At Social Media

While Jenna's social media is a reflection of her life, its also a reflection of her job. Building and managing her social media is a key component to her career, so it'll be interesting to watch how it changes with the increased following. Jenna also manages the account Raleigh Queens, that focuses on lifestyle, fashion, fitness, and beauty. All in all, she may be in the passenger seat on The Bachelor, but, in her own life, she's clearly the one at the wheel.