Kaitlyn From 'BB20' Has A Pretty Surprising Job Given Some Of Her Choices This Season

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Not only is she the reigning Head of Household, but Kaitlyn Herman is also Big Brother 20's resident hippie. She says "namaste," wears flowy caftans and prayer beads, and at one point, even led some contestants in guided meditation earlier in the season. Which is why Kaitlyn's job from Big Brother 20 may come as no surprise to fans.

In her bio on the CBS website, Kaitlyn said, "Years ago, I went to a psychic medium with the hopes of connecting with my deceased grandfather, but the medium surprised me by revealing I would soon be one of the most influential self-help women in the world."

For this reason, it's only natural that the 24-year-old is a life coach. However, that term is fairly vague — what does a life coach do, exactly? "When people hear I'm a life coach, there's a lot of like, misconception," Kaitlyn said during the first episode. She mimicked those questioning her, saying, "Like, 'Well, she's 24, and like, what are her credentials?'" On her personal website, Kaitlyn explains exactly what it is that she does.

She wrote, "Whether you're 23 or 63, I will help you navigate your life to find that purpose. I will help you live an authentic life that you've only dreamed of living. I will hold you accountable for taking actions to make your dreams become reality. I will guide you in the right direction so that you're living every day with immense gratitude. And lastly, I will help you see life through a lens of love, not fear." Still confused?

From her explanation, it appears as if Kaitlyn helps clients make decisions and get a push in the right direction in all. She offers three coaching packages that include one-on-one sessions that span the course of either three, five, or 12 months. "Please be aware that private coaching can cost between $2,700-11,000 depending on which program you choose," the site reads.

Before she became a certified life coach, however, the BB20 contestant was a junior talent coordinator for a music management company, according to her website. So it's clear that she's a driven, hardworking individual who both visualizes her own goals and helps others achieve theirs. So if you have the dough and want to take life advice from Kaitlyn, it's definitely an option.

In addition, Kaitlyn also has a blog called From Betches to Buddha, where she describes moving from New York to Los Angeles. Once there, she found work as a receptionist at Pure Barre and airbrushing at a tanning salon. "Not only am I a certified Life Coach, but on a soul level, I am a healer," she wrote. "I was put on this earth to heal anyone that comes my way and if that's going to be through airbrushing, so be it."

But it's clear that both life coaching and meditation are her true passions. "When I look at someone, I can see these orbs that just kind of circle around people's heads, and I like to think of those as your spirit guides," she explained in the first episode. "I feel six guides with me almost every day," she said. But being a life coach and meditating on the daily doesn't meant that she's all positive energy. While Kaitlyn has a very sunny disposition, she's been known to throw a little shade. Back in Episode 1, she said, "I describe myself as 90 percent love and light and 10 percent 'go screw yourself.'"

Sonja Flemming/CBS

What's more, the meditation enthusiast landed herself in hot water on July 5 when she said the N-word on Big Brother's live feed, according to TMZ. Kaitlyn was quoting Drake's 2013 song "0 to 100" and failed to censor herself. After houseguests Rachel and Angela also made some inappropriate comments about their skin turning darker, CBS released a statement, which was shared with Us Weekly, among other outlets. It said, in part, "The producers have addressed two such incidents that were seen recently on the 24/7 online feed. In both cases, those involved have been warned about their inappropriate behavior and offensive comments, as well as future consequences. These events will not be part of any future Big Brother broadcast on CBS."

There are also some raised eyebrows at other choices she's been making, like Kaitlyn's cozying up to both Tyler and Faysal, although she has a boyfriend back home. However, it's unclear whether she's getting close with the boys as a game strategy or if it's a genuine flirtation. Whatever the case may be, BB20 promises to be even more interesting moving forward.

Kaitlyn is nothing if not focused, so perhaps all that visualization will pay off for the young life coach. "I've been manifesting my Big Brother win for five years now," she said in Episode 1. "It's happening for me." Maybe she's right.