Kat Von D Is Launching A Discount Program That's Open To ALL Levels Of Makeup Artists

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For makeup artist, building a kit can be expensive. You need a wide variety of products to suit all your potential clients. That's why many companies provide pro discounts. Now, there's a new one, and the Kat Von D pro program is going to be a bit different. With its offerings including discounts, exclusives, and free shipping, it seems like most other programs, but Von D is setting it apart from others in two major ways.

Von D chatted with Allure about the introduction of a pro program and revealed that it's much more than discounts. There are a wide variety of ways that makeup artists can qualify, and for those who don't have traditional training or a license, you're going to love Von D's approach to what makes a pro.

In the interview with Allure, she explains that not every artist has the technical background to qualify for other programs (most require certification and proof of profession). Her definition of an artist exceeds those common requirements, and it's a great day for artists making it work out there on social media. Von D explained that she didn't have the ability to go to school for makeup when she was younger, but that shouldn't prevent someone from being considered an artist qualified for a pro program. She explained, "I don't care how many followers you have, but if you're executing amazing makeup and you're working day to day in the makeup world and really changing the makeup world, to me that qualifies as a pro."

According to the pro program's website, traditional credentials do seem to be the easiest way to apply for the program. Students are eligible with proof of enrollment and professional artist must still submit a diploma, union card, or some other proof of profession. However, at the bottom of the qualification lists, the brand explains, "The Pro Program welcomes YouTube and Instagram makeup artists, at Kat Von D Beauty’s discretion."

The only caveat is that you must apply makeup to another person. Artists who work exclusively on themselves are not eligible. If, however, you are an online artist with a social media channel, you can e-mail to be considered.

While many seemed to believe that the program wouldn't be inclusive to non-professionally trained artist, it's just not true, and Von D is dedicated to reviewing credentials from all sources. In the interview she evens explains that while it may take applicants long to get their approvals, she's willing to do the work.

On the site, there's also a note from Von D that reads, "After years of dreaming, I'm thrilled to announce that our Pro Program is finally here. From the beginning, my goal was to create a program that would inspire you, connect you to others and help make artistry cruelty free." It's the cruelty free element that also sets this pro program apart from others.

You'll see on the site that "animal charity donation" is listed as a benefit, but what does that mean? Von D explained it all to Allure. Von D has long been a champion of animal rights and even crafted a limited set of lip products to benefit charity Farm Sanctuary, now she's kind of doing it again. $5 of every member's purchase on the Kat Von D Beauty website will go to an animal charity of Von D's choice. Not only is she giving opportunities to undiscovered artists, but she's giving back to animals as well.

If you want to know more about the new Kat Von D pro program, head over to the website now, and to read more about Von D's vision for it, check out her exclusive interview with Allure.