Katie From 'The Bachelor' Got Into Marie Kondo Just Like The Rest Of Us This Winter

Rick Rowell/ABC

People have predicted that Katie from the Bachelor is headed straight to the final four since she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with Colton in September, where she said her dream date with him would be a picnic in Malibu. She hasn't gotten much screen time so far, but it's only week five, so it's hard to tell were her relationship with Colton stands, and exactly what Katie's doing after The Bachelor. For all we know, she could be planning a wedding with a former NFL player.

She appeared on Ellen with fellow contestants Sydney and Annie. Unfortunately for Annie, she was sent home during week two. But Sydney is still going strong. The talk show appearance gave all three of them an opportunity to meet Colton before the other girls — only after playing an intense round of Ellen's "Know or Go." From an elevated platform, they answered questions to determine their fate. After describing the perfect picnic, she was the first to be dropped for failing to complete the traditional "Roses are red" poem with a rhyme. Even though it didn't rhyme, though, her version showed her fun-loving personality. "Roses are red, violets are blue," Ellen recited. "Colton is sweet, and..." Without skipping a beat, Katie responded with, "So am I!"

Unfortunately, you'll have to wait to find out if Katie ends up with Colton. Thankfully, she has already made it much further than she did in "Know or Go." For now, though, her Instagram and Twitter posts give a little perspective on what her life is like after appearing on one of the country's most popular reality shows.

She relocated to Los Angeles, but she's originally from Florida. She recently visited home, and was invited by her high school yearbook teacher to speak to the class about her experience on The Bachelor. She even encouraged the students to tune in on Monday nights.

Per her Instagram stories, she also spent some time watching her brother play soccer and cheering him on. She also spends a lot of time live tweeting Louisiana State University football games. She was once a dedicated member of the school's dance team, and remains passionate about dancing and the university. Now that The Bachelor is behind her, she seems to be making an effort to revisit her roots. Perhaps a trip to LSU is in her future.

Like the rest of the world, she too fell victim to Marie Kondo's new Netflix series, Tidying Up. She recently tweeted that the show inspired her to do some cleaning, and that she got too tired to finish it halfway through. Same, Katie. Same.

The next day, she updated her followers by announcing that the cleaning was still underway.

And of course, like many of her fellow contestants, she's active on Twitter during the airing of The Bachelor episodes. Lots of fans are telling her she looks like Topanga Lawrence from Boy Meets World, and she's fully embracing it.

Although she hasn't been on-screen as much as some of the other women, people are appreciating her maturity, grace, and support for her housemates — and obviously, so is Colton.

Hopefully, more screen time is in Katie's future — and if she's lucky, maybe even a final rose.