Margarita From 'Project Runway' Is Dedicated To Helping Puerto Rico Recover

by Alaina Urquhart-White
Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

Season 16 of Project Runway is close to naming its last designer standing and contestant Margarita Alvarez has certainly overcome some setbacks to earn her place in the final four at New York Fashion Week. After being eliminated for the look she created for the Warrior Fashion challenge, Tim Gunn used his now famous Tim Gunn Save to veto the judges decision and save her from going home. Now, Margarita is showing off her vibrant, fun collection in Part 2 of the finale for a shot at the big prize. So, what is Margarita from Project Runway doing now? Fans also may be wondering if you can snag some of her designs for yourself.

If you are looking for some fun, colorful and unique designs, then Margarita's collections are exactly what you need in your life. Her designs are bold and bright but she manages to make them wearable for everyday wear. Hailing and designing from Puerto Rico, Margarita keeps the tropical, island vibe flowing through her clothes, and, for the Project Runway finale, she even harkened back to a fabric from her childhood that she used to think was way too loud. Luckily, she took the opportunity to embrace the fabric as a part of her aesthetic. This designer is one of the rare ones who can use initially questionable fabrics in a way that makes them beautiful, and, as Tim Gunn would likely say, she just makes it work.

Currently, Margarita's Instagram account is advertising her collections as available in Puerto Rico but her last update was from 2015. Apparently, a store by the name of Luca by Luca, which is located in Calle Cruz, Puerto Rico, was carrying her designs. She also advertises a bunch of spontaneous sample sales of her clothing at a different address in Puerto Rico as well.

It is Margarita's Facebook page that seems to be her primary method of communicating what she is up to these days, with most of her updates regarding her current stint on Project Runway and not a lot of other updates about what she is up to outside of the show at the moment. This could be because she is working on things and doesn't have a ton of updates or it could always mean that Margarita ends up the winner in Thursday's finale and she is staying vague on social media to keep the secret. She is the comeback kid of this season and a lot of fans are certainly rooting for her to walk away with the crown in the end.

Recently, Margarita's home base of Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria, and she just couldn't sit back and watch the people of her home struggle. Instead, together with fellow designers Batani, Kentaro, and ChaCha from Season 16 of Project Runway, they put on a fashion show and design event called United For Puerto Rico, with all of the proceeds benefitting the Hurricane Maria Relief Fund.

It may have looked a little precarious for Margarita at some points during the season, but she is one of the designers who took all of the advice she was given and really turned her designs around. Obviously, she has got it if Tim Gunn was willing to use his one and only Tim Gunn Save to keep her on for another week. It is always nice to see the saved designers use their opportunity to thrive. Margarita could take it all the way, so tune in to the Season 16 finale of Project Runway to see her take on New York Fashion Week and possibly walk away with the prize.