Mon-El's Mom Means Business On 'Supergirl'

Robert Falconer/The CW

Mon-El may be cooking now, but that's one of the only good things he's got going on in his life right now. He and Kara may be back together, but he got the ending of Romeo and Juliet spoiled and his family situation is not getting any better. After failing again to bring her son home to Daxam, Mon-El's mom killed his Dad on Supergirl — it's clear that Rhea is not leaving Earth any time soon.

In Monday's episode, Rhea went behind her husband's back and put a bounty out on Supergirl's head. In her mind, Mon-El would willingly leave the planet if Kara was dead. Mon-El tried to sacrifice himself to save Kara, which ended up not working out in his favor because his parents welcomed him back only to slap him in a cell, and it was up to the DEO to go on a rogue mission and rescue the Prince of Daxam.

Though he only expressed mild disapproval, Lar Gand was not part of this plan and ultimately helped Mon-El escape. Unfortunately for him, Rhea saw that as a betrayal and stabbed him in the front.

So, with her husband now dead, what is Rhea's plan? Does she really just want to take Mon-El and leave, no matter how much of a planet she has to destroy before she goes? I'm starting to wonder if she has ulterior motives. The Bounty Hunter move that she has a lot of power in the galaxy, and that typically doesn't lead to good things.

I do feel bad for Mon-El. It's always awkward when your parents visit you in your new, adult life. He's got an Evil Alien Queen for a mother on top of that. Maybe he and Lena Luther should hang. They have a lot in common, I bet. Whatever Rhea's up to is sure to rock the boat, and it's fine by me. Teri Hatcher makes a great villain and a wonderful addition to Supergirl.