What​ Is​ Pat McGrath's Dark Star 006 Collection? The MUA Is Launching Major Smoky Eye Sets — PHOTOS

Courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath is going even more interstellar. The makeup artist is known for creating stunning editorial and runway looks that aren't always practical IRL. McGrath has been making her version of glamour widely available for the past year-plus. Pat McGrath'sDark Star 006 Collection is the latest addition to her eponymous makeup line and you should go ahead and start hyperventilating now. It's that good and shaking and crying with joy will be your natural response. What's in Pat McGrath's Dark Star 006 Collection?

It's going to take a hot minute to break it all down. So pull up a chair and pay attention, makeupistas.

Essentially, Pat McGrath Dark Star 006, which arrives via the official Pat McGrath site on Tuesday, Apr. 11, is a smoky eye collection with three color kits.

Dark Matter is the "base" kit with six pieces. The UltraViolet Blue and UltraSuede Brown kits add an additional, intensely colored pigment to the base Dark Matter Kit. UVB and USB are seven pieces strong.

Still with me? Good! Stay with me, stay with me as we cycle through the intergalactic elements of each kit. Pat McGrath is about to blow your mind and provide you with tons of smoky eye inspo.

According to the Instagram post and the official site, Dark Matter is a tech noir smoky eye kit that costs $95.

Courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs

It includes Dark Matter, Astral White, and Mercury pigments, along with a holographic Cyber Clear Eye Gloss, a Black SmudgeLiner Stick, and a Blender Brush.

UltraViolet Blue is all about glistening metallics and prismatic radiance, per the Insta post. This smoky eye kit boasts seven pieces, whereas Dark Matter is comprised of just six.

Courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs

UVB adds the long-wear, highly-intense, and cobalt blue crushed Tanzanite pigment to the kit already featuring Astral White, Mercury, and Dark Matter pigments, the clear eye gloss, the SmudgeLiner Stick, and the Blender Brush. It's $130.

Lastly, we have the UltraSuede Brown kit. This is also seven-pieces strong and features UltraSuede Brown, which is said to have a velvet x velour texture, as the addition to the basic Dark Matter lineup. It's also $130.

Courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs

So you can go with Dark Matter on its own or opt for UVB or USB, depending on what color smoky eye you want to create.

Don't forget to add a calendar reminder to your smart phone for Apr. 11.