Here’s What Raven Is Doing Post-‘Bachelor’

by Lindsey Kupfer
ABC/Terhi Tuovinen

After going on The Bachelor, many contestants flood their social media with their day-to-day lives. Southern belle and business owner Raven Gates has remained relatively quiet about what she’s been up to since filming ended, posting behind-the-scenes photos from her time with Nick Viall. Is Raven engaged to Nick Viall in the end? Could that be why she isn’t posting much about her life outside of the show? I used social media to figure out what Raven is doing after The Bachelor and one thing is definitely for sure — she’s watching the show every week just like we are.

Going into the final episode, Raven and Nick seem closer than ever to getting engaged at the end of it all, especially after last week’s overnight dates in Finland. The couple has one more date together before it all comes to an end. By the end of the night, Raven could be going back to Hoxie, Arkansas with a giant Neil Lane ring on her hand.

Here’s what we know about her life post-Bachelor filming. She’s back in her hometown and working at her boutique clothing line. It seems like life is back to normal for Raven. Here’s what I was able to find about what she’s been up to.

Spent New Year’s In Miami

The business owner rang in the new year in South Beach. “NYE shenanigans!” she captioned a photo of herself.

Remembering Her Time On The Show

Most of her Instagram is filled with memories of being on The Bachelor. Clearly, she had a great time. “Didn't think my first time in NOLA would be with my sister wives... but I wouldn't change a thing,” she captioned a photo of the ladies. Hmm, she seems very happy, maybe it’s a sign she’s now engaged?

Hanging Out With Friends

“My two best friends (since preschool) are pregnant,” she wrote alongside a picture of her and her pals, “I'm so excited to see these babies 💕 //(also excited to eat Chinese buffet with two pregnant women.)”

Spending Time With Her Nephew

His name is Maverick and he’s pretty cute.

Walking Her Dog

Stars, they’re just like us, am I right? Raven’s Instagram is peppered with pics of her adorable puppy. She’s a proud mom.

Bar Hopping


Visiting High School

Nothing like going back to your roots. The Bachelor contestant stopped by her high school to hang out with the women’s basketball team. “First team to make it to State since I was point guard!” she captioned the pic. “So fun visiting them today to see them off!”

Celebrating International Women’s Day

She gave a shoutout to the women who work for her clothing company. “They are the heart and soul of Grey Suede & I hope to always be an example to them that a woman can do ANYTHING she chooses,” she wrote.

Watching The Bachelor

Who doesn't watch themselves on TV? You can watch her journey come to an end on Monday night, whichever way it goes.