Raven From 'The Bachelor' Owns A Charming Store

by Hannah Shapiro

The Bachelor is officially back, which means there's a new batch of starry-eyed contestants ready to find love, or if that doesn't work, get the consolation prize of enough Instagram followers to start a blog. One of the hopefuls vying for Nick Viall's heart on this season of The Bachelor, Raven Gates, owns a store. The premiere episode shows that she's from the small town of Hoxie, Arkansas, where people most enjoy the bible and football. However, that's not where Raven's store, Grey Suede, is located.

According to its website, Grey Suede, is in Jonesboro, Arkansas, which is only about 30 minutes from Raven's hometown — a very reasonable commute. The boutique seems to have a young staff, which makes sense, since Raven herself is only 24 years old, and sells a variety of clothes. The staff also all seem genuinely proud to watch their boss compete for roses on national television. When they're not cheering Raven on, the employees are selling everything from colorful blouses to denim shorts to cute shoes to chunky jewelry. Grey Suede has everything you'd want from a local, Southern, boutique clothing store. In fact, the store seems to embody the idea of "southern charm," as you can see in the promo video below.

Everyone on the staff is equipped with a smile and a southern twang that certainly makes me want to shop there. I bet I'm not the only one either — for a boutique in a small Arkansas town to get national attention through The Bachelor is a big deal. At least that means that if Raven doesn't get the final rose, she can still gain something from appearing on the show.

Being on The Bachelor can mean national exposure for a person and their business, so Grey Suede may only become more successful as the season continues. Plus, Raven herself may say an increased social media following, which means even more potential for revenue. Jade and Tanner, for example, have reportedly made quite a bit of cash from Instagram alone. Whether or not she finds love on The Bachelor, Raven will likely find more professional success. With the opportunities and spotlight from the Bachelor, she will likely also have more options for her future, and may even want to consider adding more Grey Suede locations.

Raven fits into the pattern of this season having many career-driven women. Many of the ladies competing for roses this season are medical professionals, lawyers, educators, and fellow business owners. Of course, there is still a goofy career in the mix (looking at you, aspiring dolphin trainer Alexis), but overall most of the ladies have serious job titles.

Raven's business success has allowed her to be confident and together, which seems to be Nick's type. She's already a frontrunner, getting an endearing limo exit, and not losing her head on night one. Raven came across as genuine, excited, and ready to find love. The good news is, if she doesn't, she has a great career that should be keeping her busier than ever.